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Address: 3201 Camino Tassajara, Danville, CA 94506

Faith and Inequality Workshop

Our Inequality and Faith Workshop at San Damiano


This was a powerful and transformative day with members of Peace in attendance and others from the I-SRV community.  Thanks to Brother Mike from San Damiano, Ron and Linda Elsdon and Pastor Steve Harms for hosting and to Linda for her photographs shown here.
Thanks to Ron Elsdon who gave an overview of inequality in the US, the causes, the consequences and what we can do about it.  Thanks also to Pastor Steve Harms, Rabbi Dan Goldblatt, Iftekhar Hai from the Muslim community, and Angela Taylor, Catholic Social Justice Advocate who participated in the Interfaith Panel that addressed the spiritual foundations which motivate our creative response to inequality in our world.  We enjoyed the music of our Sikh friend Amar Khalsa and the art of Bill Carmel and Christine Hartmann. Anyone who visits San Damiano’s for a day, an hour or for a weekend workshop experiences the beauty of the Franciscan grounds.




The Veil Tapestry

Bill Carmel, artist and member of Peace

The Veil Tapestry—Threading the Connection for All Faiths.  All members of the Interfaith Community/I-SRV are invited to express through sacred texts the insights revealed to our various prophets as sacraments from God.  The gathering of these spiritual texts will remind, encourage and teach us How to become a Human Being.   You will be asked to choose words and phrases from your tradition and paint them by hand on the canvas.  As these words and phrases fill the space, painted one on top of another layer by layer, they will create an intertwined tapestry of sacred words – a woven Veil.  This tapestry of calligraphy will be a testimony to our universal faith.
The Veil Tapestry will circulate among all of the I-SRV Congregations to receive your contributions.  Over time, it is the artist’s hope that the tapestry will prompt joy and wonder as a celebration of wholeness, understanding and inclusivity.
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