Jazz at Peace

Reconnecting the Soul

Kristen Strom

plays Jazz Church West!

Let’s fill the house and share the joy!
Bring yourself, your loved ones, and three friends!

June 4, 2022   ~   5:00pm
Peace Lutheran Church

Jazz Church West, continuing the legendary tradition!
(Program entirely supported by Freewill donations)


Jazz Church West

Enjoy video clips of Power Trio  Dan Zemelman, Mads Tolling and John Santos; and  improv with Wing It. It was an evening filled with energy, creativity and joy.

JAZZ Church West at Peace!

Jazz at Peace happens the 1st Sunday of each month at 5:00 pm.  Our 2022-2023 season finale is coming right up: 

Sunday June 4!

Oct. 2, 2022    Fred Randolph

Nov. 6, 2022    Adam Shulman

Dec. 4, 2022    Terrence Brewer

Jan. 8, 2023    Anne Sajdera

Feb. 5, 2023    Erik Jekabson

Mar. 5, 2023   Gerry Grosz

April 2, 2023    Richard Howell

May 7, 2023    Akira Tana

June 4, 2023    Kristen Strom



Jazz at Peace is a direct descendant of the famous Jazz Vespers in New York City. Jazz Vespers has transformed into an Interfaith Celebration and birthed as Jazz at Peace on the West Coast.  Steve Harms adds poetic inspiration you will appreciate.
Come as you are and enjoy free jazz music. You’ve got hear these phenomenal improvisational artists — cool, soulful, hilarious, and guaranteed to lift your spirits! A reception always follows.  Audience donations keep the jazz alive.

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