Who We Are

Who We Are

A house of prayer for all people…

We value our 3,000 year old Judeo-Christian history, theological development and liturgical celebrations. We know our future depends on dialogue and mutual participation with spiritual people in the interfaith community. We are an intersection where people of varying spiritual traditions or pathways connect.

Peace is a community in which some people experience the presence of God. This is a spiritual home for receiving inner strength, peace of mind, healing and wholeness. We love children and art, diverse people and views, and creative and evolutionary expressions of faith. Intellectual questions and doubts are respected as pathways to truth.  We encourage one another through listening, humor and support.  We believe that we, our interfaith friends and this divine cosmos are Beloved by God. We work to manifest our highest aspirations while knowing we are free to fail.  We trust life is a gift – grace and pure bounty. Let the beauty we love be what we do!


We embrace contemplation, wisdom, playfulness, discerning the Mystery of God and who we are in God. Since God can only be known by love, we frequently celebrate the Eucharist – where ALL are welcomed. Come taste the Love Feast of God’s unconditional compassion for all in Christ. We pray to become what we receive: Christ’s Body – blessed, broken open and transformed for the sake of the world.