What we embrace…

Our worship embraces the whole person, enjoys our humanity, and recognizes we humans are part of a universal magnificance. (That is why animals are invited to worship with us too!) We all experience a variety of crucifixions in life – worship reminds us that we are here to practise resurrections!

Liturgy means the
It is a profound, rhythmic and beautiful way by which God re-creates us anew.



Praise and Worship at Peace

The word we use to describe how our worship unfolds on Sunday morning is liturgical. It means there is a flow to our experience in praise and worship.
Liturgy leads us into the cosmic rhythm: the rotation of atoms, the circulation of our blood, the sap running through plants, the tides of the sea, the phases of the moon, the rotation of the stars and galaxies. That same rhythm flows through us; it’s the same song being sung with the whole universe. It is the cycle of seedtime and harvest, the cycle of life and death and resurrection. Human beings depend on ritual and liturgical cycle for awareness and connection and freedom. The prayer and praise of worship are more important for us than oxygen!
The dramatic elements: music, tempo, words, art may vary but we move through an ancient “order” that connects our hearts with the Mystery of Life.
We gather in the sanctuary to greet one another, sing, invoke the Spirit and pray.
We listen to the lessons from the scripture (the word “church” or ekklesia in Greek, meaning “the listening ones”), we hear the homily/preaching, participate in the prayers of the people and share the greeting of peace – an ancient sign of unity.
We present our gifts and prepare the table for the Eucharist which means The Great Thanksgiving. This meal invites everyone to taste and see the infinite mercy of Christ. Together we celebrate the unconditional love of God for all.
We are sent out with songs of praise and blessing to serve God’s people in the world.