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Welcome to Peace Lutheran Church. — an unfolding mosaic of Grace. We encourage spiritual exploration; equip friends with  experiences of wisdom, compassion and joy; provide pastoral care; engage contemporary prophetic struggles; value both our Christian roots and dialogue with interfaith partners as we celebrate creativity and contemplation  in community life and worship.

  • Rev. Ray Waespi will preach and preside and provide emergency care July 8 thru August 8.  His contact info:  [email protected] or 510.552.4476
  • FRIDAY – July 29th:  FRIDAY FILMS!  6:30 BBQ Dinner in the courtyard with Film THE SAPPHIRES showing at 7:30 in the Gathering Hall  
  • Our Newest Art Exhibit!  Nana-Dictta Graves’ Acknowledged globally; Nana-Dictta’s hand-made masterpieces radiate from every intricate slivers of paper, and other items created patiently with a vision of trust; step by step sketching; carefully selecting color, understanding rhythm, blended together into a seamless work of Fine hand-made Paper Micro-Mosaic.  Her work takes a warm-hearted approach to the art that brings the glorious images of everyday materials to life.  One of kind out of the ordinary
  • Sunday, July 31:  Listening Series with Melanie HobdenListening Session, Sunday, July 31, during Hospitality with Melanie Hobden:  Melanie is a trained facilitator for the ELCA listening sessions being held around the country on the ELCA Government & Civic Engagement Social Statement. Melanie will offer a Listening Session on July 31.  For more info: ELCA Government & Civil Engagement.  You will provide input to the Task Force who is charged with creating the Statement which will be presented at the 2025 General Assembly for consideration  Use the link to review the document ahead of time.
  • July Churchwide Assembly Bible Study Sessions Embody the Word (Luke 24) Churchwide Assembly voting members are encouraged to participate in online Bible studies to be held Sunday afternoons in July 3-3:45pm CT.  Recordings of each session is also available!    Participate in live sessions by registering  for the Webinars  at the  ELCA Churchwide Assembly website   https://www.elca.org/churchwideassemblyExplore the four  Bible Study Webinars now available on the ELCA Churchwide Assembly 2022 YouTube channel:    Access these videos through the ELCA website:  https://www.elca.org/churchwideassembly/    Select VIDEOS, scroll down the page to find “Recordings of the Bible studies will be viewable here; select ‘ here’ to be taken to the Bible study videos. 

Amazon Smile: This is a request from the Peace Council for you to participate and invite your kids and grandkids to sign up for Amazon Smile.  If you use Amazon, did you know every purchase could be supporting Peace?  Amazon donates to your selected beneficiary for every purchase.   To sign up and start donating, go to:  https://smile.amazon.com and follow the prompts to support Peace Lutheran Church.  You must sign in with smile.Amazon.com in order for the donation to be distributed.



Orpheus Community Ensemble Opening
Orpheus Community Ensemble Closing