Healing & Wholeness

Healing and Wholeness

What is Christian Healing?

Christian healing is a process that involves our whole being – body, mind, spirit and our social context.  Healing directs us toward becoming the person God is calling us to be in every stage of our living and our dying.  Whenever we are open to God healing occurs.  God yearns to bring us to wholeness.
The process of healing is like removing debris from a stream until the water runs clear.  Healing is not dependent on ‘how much faith we have’.  Rather Grace Healing allows us to trust that God is continually working within us to bring strength, happiness and vitality.
Often the benefits of our healing are increased faith in God and a new energy to love and serve others.  Frequently we find that the source of what caused our hurt and brokenness can be transformed into a unique gift for us.
Healing Prayer has many dimensions at Peace.  A Healing Prayer Station is provided every Sunday during Communion. The person praying with you has been  trained in Healing Prayer and he or she is pledged to confidentiality.  If you desire to learn more or are seeking healing prayer, speak with Pr. Margareta or Pr. Steve.
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The environment of healing has many dimensions at Peace. Healing occurs in our conversations, our study together, through the Prayer Circle and in our Eucharistic celebrations.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Members of the Prayer Shawl Ministry knit prayer shawls for people in need of blessings.  Prayer is literally woven into the shawl as it is being created.  Each shawl surrounds you with the warmth, support and prayers of the whole congregation.