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Archive of Sermon Audios

Sermon Audios 2013

  • March 31 Easter Service. Pr. Steve: Resurrection—strangest story ever told.
  • May 12 Mother’s Day. Pr. Steve: If it’s not one thing it’s your Mother. Reality: look through the eyes of mothers. Can God be anything other than a mother? Try to make people happy where they are.
  • July 14. Seminarian John Brett: What must I do to inherit eternal life? The Good Samaritan.
  • July 21. Seminarian John Brett: There may be angels amongst you.
  • August 4. Pr. Steve. Nothing more practical than finding God—fall in love; stay in love.
  • August 18 (no recording). Pr. Steve. The fullness of life. Today, Jesus slaps us in the face. We are Christ in the world. If it’s true, it’s of God. What is your joy?
  • August 25. Pr. Steve. Racial inequality. Year 1650, the Quaker church condemns slavery; 1675 Bacon’s rebellion; Elite plantation owners of that day were the 1%. Result, racial bribery, advantages to the white poor and split from the black poor:  basically an economic deal.
  • Sept 1. Pr. Steve. Inequality and Economy: “The Whole Household”. The purpose of an economy is to produce spiritually, ethically, ecologically sensitive people. To what extent does our economy serve the common good?
  • Sept. 8. Pr. Steve. “When you give a party, invite those who cannot repay you”—this is the whole mission of Jesus (reconciling the world) and his Teaching Methodology.  Who is “in” and who is “out”?  The Guest List is not a Surprise.
  • Sept. 15. Seminarian John Brett. The invitation to the Nicaragua Delegation: Come and see.
  • Sept. 22. Pr. Steve. Jesus said “Feed everybody!”….That’s the Gospel! And the Eucharist simply says “Feed them all.”
  • Sept. 29 (no recording)  Seminarian Intern Brock Kolbe.  Lazarus and the Rich Man.  The lesson in this parable is to go out and meet our poor and hungry neighbors because they will show us our shared inheritance.

 Sermon Audios cont’d…

  • Oct 6. Pr. Steve. We will only save what we love…. St. Francis final words: “I have done what is mine to do. Now you do yours.”
  • Oct 13 (no recording) Seminarian Intern Brock Kolbe. The connection between Jesus and the Samaritan shows there is hope in the investment of one another, even if that connection happens one out of ten times.
  • Oct 20. John Brett.  Jacob Wrestles with an Angel.  Grappling with our full selves in whatever life brings also puts us, like Jacob, in position to reconcile with actual people, not just the projections we put upon them, or the worries we falsely anticipate.
  • Oct 27. Pr. Steve—The New Cosmology: What if the love-force is the source of gravity…and grace?
  • Nov 3. Pr. Steve—All Saints, a day to remember our saints and loved ones. This stimulates lots of wonder—about them and ourselves….Jesus asks people to trust that who they are is magnificent.  That you’ve been created in beauty and truth and joy. Who you are needs to flourish because when you flourish, then life will be nourished.
  • Nov 10. Intern Brock Klobe: When we have been fed, we too should have the energy to look forward and march toward a life worth living. Shouldn’t we want that for everyone?
  • Nov 17. Pr. Steve.  Stewarding Sunday. We need a new bottom line:  it will emerge through people who are profoundly aware of and grateful for the magnificence of life; and  people who are deeply devoted to the common good, the well-being of All.
  • Nov 24.  Pr. Steve.  Christian life is the practice of whole-making.  From the beginning, God intended to join us in this major enterprise, to be enfleshed, to be incarnated, to share in the fullness of this life, that we might know the fullness and the joy for which we’ve been created.
  • Dec 8. Pr. Steve.  What would it be like for us to come together? Nelson Mandela made that commitment.  This is the work of the Bar Enasha / the work of Christ, who is making Real Peace happen in this world.
  • Dec 15. Seminarian Intern Brock Klobe.  In this season of Advent, think about what matters most, and share what matters most.

Sermon Audios 2014…

Jan 5. Pr. Steve.  Epiphany-Holy Family-Holy Trinity:  Claim your Sage; Enjoy an affectionate relationship with your Imperfect Self.
Jan 19. Seminarian/Intern Brock Klobe.  The Servant Song from Isaiah and the “Drum Major Instinct” from Martin Luther King, Jr.: This is what Jesus said to his disciples:‘You want to be great…You want to be important…You want to be significant.  Well, you ought to be… If you’re going to be my disciple, you must be—but I want you to be first in love.  I want you to be first in moral excellence.  I want you to be first in generosity.  That is what I want you to do.”
Feb 2.  Pr Steve. The Sermon on the Mount. These teachings turn everything upside down and inside out.
Feb 16. Pr Steve.  You can be forgiven for forgetting what you really want is love’s confusing joy.
Feb 23. Seminarian/Intern Brock Klobe. The Temple of the Spirit is limitless within You.
Mar 2. Pr. Steve. Transfiguration Sunday.  Peter says, ‘Let’s stay here [on the mountain]’.  Jesus says, ‘Let’s go…into every dark nook and cranny that we might permeate it with that transfiguring light.’ What Jesus is teaching us is that the sonship and daughtership of the beloved community travels what is called a downward path, always moving closer to those who are suffering, those in need, the vulnerable.
Mar 9. Pr. Steve. Lent is the season to pause. It’s an invitation to a 40 day retreat. Time for a fresh perspective. Everything you have experienced in life is “The Deal”, all of it— job loss, bad childhood, illness, death of a loved one…whatever combination of disasters. Can we own this and say “This is my life; this is my path”?  Like Jonah we’re invited to travel where we’d rather not go.
Mar 23. Pr. Steve. Jesus is a whole-maker, a whole-maker who gathers the unloved and the unrelated, who confronts systems which diminish and marginalize people, the whole-maker who challenges all of us to the deep, deep center of love.
Apr 20. Easter.  Pr. Steve.  “The Easter uprising is God’s relentless compassion to make sure life flourishes.  Jesus didn’t start up a new religion; he came to lift up a new humanity, a whole new creation….Practice resurrection!”
Apr 27. Pr. Steve.  Earth Day.  The original Scripture is Creation—infinitely unfolding, the divine creativity and life. Every creature, the clouds for example, is an expression, a word of God.  It is the communion of life that we are celebrating through the wholeness of God’s creation.
May 25.  Pr. Steve.  The Gospel as Change, Centering and Bafflement.   “Do I not destroy my enemies by making them my friends?”
June 1. Seminarian Brock Klobe.  Reflections on Jesus’ example of prayer and the experience of praying for the women in the SHU at the federal women’s prison in Dublin.
June 8.  Pentecost. Pr. Steve. God: Beggar for Love, Evolving Messiah, Spirit Drenching.
July 13.  Pr. Steve.  “Keep Going and Growing: Surprise…There are many ways to God!”
Aug 10.  Pr. Elizabeth. Did Jesus walk on water?
Oct 26. Reformation Sunday.  Pr. Steve. How do we live God in a world that lives as if there is no God? Love your neighbors as yourself.  Partner with the righteous wherever you find them…

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