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Worship: Sundays at 10 AM
Address: 3201 Camino Tassajara, Danville, CA 94506

Audios of Sermons

Audios of Sermons

We invite you to listen to some of our pastors’ sermons.



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2016 Homilies

2.21.16. Pr. Steve.  Covenanting Peace:  All I have is a Voice to undo the Lie.
2-28-16. Pr. Elizabeth Felts.  “Suffering: Looking Beyond the Platitudes”.
3-27-16. Pr. Steve. Tombs into Wombs:  Animating the New Creation with our Loving.
7-24-16 Pr. Elizabeth Felts.  “Numerology in the Bible”  For the ancients, numbers were theological treatises, emotional roadmaps, code language for deeper ideas.  To understand the rich, hidden meanings of the Bible stories, we need to restore numbers to their original purpose and view them with more ancient minds.

2015 Homilies

1-25-15.  Pr. Steve.  Pluto, Jonah and Detachment:  Praying for what we don’t know. 
2-22-15.  Pr. Steve.  Lamenting: Going Far Enough to Blossom.
3-15-15. Pr. Steve.  God’s Works of Art:  Sometimes you have to get in the way in order to show the Way.
3-22-15.  Pr. Steve.  The Wisdom of Stillness & Sabbath.
4-5-15.  Pr. Steve.  A World of Chaos or Communion?
7-17-16. Pr. Elizabeth Felts.  “The Woman Whose Name Was Changed “

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