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Adult Education Forums

Adult Education

Education plays a pivotal role in faith formation.  Children want it, youth need it and adults need it most of all!  Grappling with the truths of our Wisdom Tradition prompts intellectual clarity, energy and delight.  The Lutheran Movement was birthed in university circles.  We cherish encouraging the mind and the heart in all the stages of our lives.  Stretch and enjoy!


The Catechumenate is a period (Advent – Pentecost/December – June) during which candidates are given spiritual formation and guidance, aimed at deepening our experience of the Christian life.  This ancient process has been used within the church for 2000 years.  It is a renewal of the baptismal covenant.  The intent is to encourage your participation in the profound mystery and meaning of who you are in God “in whom we live and move and have our being”.
This  is an incremental process, opening ourselves to new views, making grace real through personal reflection, group conversations and community blessings. Since Christ is a sign of contradiction, we gradually experience our own faith questions and struggles as opportunities for insight and joy.  Everything shifts as we absorb the truth that we are God’s Beloved Sons and Daughters.  The Catechumenate encourages our freedom, grace and joy.

Teaching Parish Seminarian

Peace is designated as one of the Teaching Parishes in the Bay Area that Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary (PLTS) utilizes for the training and spiritual formation of future Lutheran Clergy. Under the supervision of Pr. Steve, each seminarian works at Peace for a period of 18 months during the latter half of their first year and all of their second year of seminary. They participate in all aspects of congregational life as they learn about leadership in the church. A Congregational Committee is formed to reflect with and encourage the seminarian in her/his formation. Peace has trained over 20 seminarians throughout the years who now serve around the country in a variety of ministries.
Occasionally, we have a Seminary Intern who works full time with us for one year in congregational or specialized ministry or a combination thereof. Currently, Seminarian Brock Klobe is our Intern who is working at Peace and in the Federal Prison in Dublin.

Classes for Parents and Children

Classes happen throughout the year which involve parents and children.  The Early Communion Class is geared for children in 2nd – 5th grades.  The class helps younger ones to appreciate the many aspects of Communion.  It is offered in the winter months.
Confirmation is offered for students in 8th and 9th grades.  A variety of experiences are part of this wonderful educational opportunity.  This is a one year program and parental involvement is necessary because “the faith is more caught than taught”.  Parents always report that this is a year of faith renewal for them too.

First Friday Films

Come and kick back and enjoy the fun. Mark your calendar for First Friday Films at 6:30PM: Check out the First Friday Films calendar to find out what’s happening. Hope you can join us!  For questions please contact Elana: [email protected].
Also, see our First Friday Film Summaries to see the quality of movies we have shown in the past.

Adult Education Forums

Our Adult Education classes/forums start right after Hospitality.  Additional activities for children are available during the adult education hour.  All are welcome!
Discussions have included:

  • The Pope and Martin Luther on Unequal Wealth and Ministry to the Poor
  • The film “Many Rivers” and reflection on Racism and the Church today.
  • The Pope, Martin Luther on Poverty and Faithful Response/Part II:  an engaging conversation in which you will learn Constructive Actions we can make to address the economic doldrums and impoverishment cycles we have been experiencing.
  • The Sermon on the Mount:  Inspiration, Catalyst, Challenge
  • Justice Advocacy, a look at inequality in America, human trafficking
  • Self Care, what does it take to keep you alive, happy, sharp, committed and prayerful?  Join us for insights, resources and encouragement.
  • The Reforming Church, what changes in the expression and commitment of our faith are you longing for?

Holy Convergence You Tube Video


Abba-Imma Chi Kung Prayer Lord’s Prayer

The Abba-Imma Prayer is an inspirational and embodied experience of the Lord’s prayer through choreographed Chi Kung movement. Speaking in chorus with the 2,000 year old utterance of the Lord’s Prayer and moving in harmony with the ancient practice of Chi Kung, the Abba-Imma Chi Kung prayer blends Judeo-Christian and Taoist wisdom and compassion. It enhances your intimacy with the Divine beyond and within through prayer and movement.

The prayer invokes and honors Abba-Imma, Father-Mother God, the Universal Spirit, while harvesting sources of Chi in the heavens, environment, and earth. It is grounded in the Taoist and Traditional Chinese Medicine principles of Yin and Yang, the Macrocosmic Orbit, and the chakras. It invites us to look at the meanings and origins of the words of the Lord’s Prayer in a new and historically discerning way. It is founded on the teachings of the past, engages the witnessing awareness of the now, and sparks the creative potential reaching toward what is yet to come.