Friday  January 26th

6:30 pm, Kenny’s Roasted Chicken Dinner

Gathering Hall viewing, movie 7:27p

How do most people define happiness? A NY Times article listed the US as the 23rd happiest country in the world. Hollywood director Tom Shadyac (Liar Liar, Patch Adams, Bruce Almighty) read it and asked Academy Award nominated filmmaker Roko Belic to make a documentary about happiness. It combines cutting-edge science with real-life stories and takes us on a kind of cultural travelogue on the happiness trail through 14 countries. Join us for one of Kenny’s roast chicken dinners at 6:30, film at 7:30. Run time 73 minutes; unrated.

Please bring snacks to share.

Last  Friday Films

We hope you enjoy our Last Friday Film series as another venue to explore spirituality.  Over the course of the year, our “Film Committee” will be offering a variety of different links for your reading pleasure.  Formerly ;First Friday Films’ beginning in January we’ll change our name and dates to “Last Friday Films.”  Give or take a few changes to work with the holiday calendar, look for our new schedule at the end of the month!

The Spirituality & Practice link will take you off the Peace website to an essay on Befriending Films. Thanks to Elana O’Loskey for her creativity and First Friday Film opportunities.

2018 Beginning January – LAST Friday Films…

2018 Last Friday Dates

  • Jan 26
  • Feb 23
  • Mar 16
  • Apr 27
  • May 18
  • Jun 29
  • Jul 27

2017 Films…

  • January 13: The Giver
  • February 3:  A Man Called Ove
  • March 3:  Finding Dory
  • April 7:  The Brand New Testament
  • May 5:  The Brand New Testament
  • June 9:  Hidden Figures
  • July 7:  Arrival
  • August – Vacation
  • September 8:  Second Friday: Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them
  • Oct
  • Nov 3: North by Northwest
  • Dec 8: Second Friday – Christmas Story

First Friday Recaps…

Interested in reading about some of the movies we’ve already seen at Peace? Click here.

2016 Films

  • January 8: The Way Way Back
  • February 5: The Martian
  • March 4: A Little Chaos
  • April 1: Trumbo
  • May 13: The Cobbler
  • June 3: Three Short Films
  • July 8: Hail Caesar
  • September 11: Beyond Measure
  • October 14: The Little Prince
  • November 4: Star Trek Beyond
  • December 2: A Christmas Story

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