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Children of the World


YouTube VIdeos wIth Dr Hodes

An interview of Dr. Hodes by children who ask important questions:  Who he is? What does he do? How we can help? 

A video with the children where we tell the fairy tale story about our group and how we can help Dr. Hodes, who EACH of the children TOGETHER (CONNECTED) CAN HELP him.

If the first priority for our Foreign Policy decisions was protecting the Children of the Earth—the world would become a safe place for all of us.
AJ Muste

Children of the World

Children are our present gift and future hope. They are always the most vulnerable among us and the greatest sources of love.  They need our presence and wisdom, encouragement and resources so they may thrive.  The seeds we sow in them now will shape their future.
When traumatized by poverty and discrimination, deprived of education and healthcare or diminished by exploitation and war, children are often paralyzed physically, emotionally and spiritually for a lifetime.  As Jesus said, “What you do to the least of these you do to me.”
When we are aware we care.  Members of Peace respond to children’s needs in a variety of ways:  Some work with influencing Policy Development.  Others work with national and international organizations such as UNICEF and Lutheran World Relief.
Locally, We Are All Connected, the organization initiated by Thais Ouzounian and a few parents in our Valley exists to support the work of Dr. Rick Hodes in Ethiopia who has been assisting disabled and abandoned children for over 20 years. Their goals are to provide financial support but equally important to raise the consciousness among the children of our community about the critical needs of other children around the planet.  WAAC wants our children to experience that they are all connected and by working together they can make a difference in this world.  Thais and friends are working primarily through our local schools.
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