Kathy Jones, Therapist

Kathy Jones, Marriage and Family Therapist

As a Marriage and Family Therapist my attention is on relationships, whether between couples or partners, between parents and their children (young or adult) or between past experiences and the way we approach current situations.
I believe we can all benefit from the support and encouragement and self understanding that counseling offers, especially during stressful times in our lives. Transitions, planned or unplanned, almost always add uncertainty. Sharing our thoughts with an unbiased listener can help us better negotiate the path of change. I believe my job as a counselor is to help my clients to better understand and appreciate themselves as individuals and as participants in relationships.
The work of counseling can be effectively accomplished in individual or group sessions. Groups can be very powerful as there is the added reinforcement of others working through issues similar to your own. I am honored to be able to offer both to clients of Peace Counseling Center.
I have a Bachelor’s degree and teaching credential from UC Berkeley. I received my M.A. in Counseling from St. Mary’s College in Moraga. My counseling internships were at several schools through Discovery Center in Danville, at School Age Moms in Pleasanton, in the psych unit at Eden Hospital in Castro Valley, and through a private practice focusing on couple’s therapy in San Ramon. My counseling practice has been at Eden Hospital and here at Peace Counseling Center for the past 14 years.
My counseling has benefited from my previous life experience. I worked as a Middle School teacher, and later for IBM. I have been married fifty years, have two children and four grandchildren. All of this has been valuable in my work as a counselor.
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