Peace Lutheran Church

Worship: Sundays at 10 AM
Address: 3201 Camino Tassajara, Danville, CA 94506

Current Events

Peace 60th Birthday WishList!

  • Kitchen Upgrade –  Contributions of any size!
  • Donated!  iPad (Power Point presentations, movies, photo sharing, credit card processing)
  • Donated!  AppleTV Box
  • Labyrinth Upgrade ($15,000)
  • Granitite Paint secures pattern from weather; Concrete repair, Sandblast clean required for treatment.
  • Donated!  DVD Player w/BlueRay ($50)
  • Surround Sound Speakers for Video/TV Gathering Hall
  • River Rock / landscaping street side ($2,300)
  • Magnetic White Board for “new” Conference Room

To purchase birthday gifts, sign up HERE