solar-halos-sunflowerSOLAR HALOS FOR PEACE

Many of us became increasingly aware and concerned about climate changes after our forum study of Pope Francis Encyclical on the effects of climate change.  After struggling and praying about what we personally could do, a small committee was formed to investigate getting solar for Peace.  We contacted solar companies that had excellent credentials in commercial solar installations as well as churches in the area.  Through our investigation we concluded that a solar project for Peace would not only prove to be another specific action by Peace Lutheran Church to preserve the environment, but it also had the potential of saving Peace $10,000 and more in annual energy costs.  It would become a permanent savings that the congregation could use for other ministries and needs.

Your gift can be a visible sign of Peace’s commitment to the environment as it also helps secure the congregation’s financial future.  After considering your tax deduction benefit and the matching gift, your contribution toward a panel will be beautifully multiplied as a perpetual gift to Peace.

Peace has blessed so many of us both within our congregation and in the larger community.  Let us join together in giving back for the multitude of blessings that we have received and donate today.                                  Find out more by visiting our FAQ page