Lorca Hart Trio January 8, 2017


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Jazz Church West


Enjoy video clips of Power Trio  Dan Zemelman, Mads Tolling and John Santos; and  improv with Wing It. It was an evening filled with energy, creativity and joy — a special thanks to Chuck Fisher and all his helpers for a great meal.

Jazz at Peace

Free Jazz Music

Jazz at Peace happens the 1st Sunday of each month at 5:00 pm. Our 2016-17 12th Jazz Season begins October 4, 2016 and goes through June 2017.

Jazz at Peace is an Interfaith Celebration with some of the best jazz musicians in the Bay Area playing their hearts out and into yours. Our Jazz season begins in October and goes through June before taking a brief summer hiatus.

Jazz at Peace is a direct descendant of the famous Jazz Vespers in New York City. Now thanks to the jazzspirit passion of catalyst Ed Klitsch, Jazz Vespers was transformed into an Interfaith Celebration and birthed as Jazz at Peace on the West Coast. Steve Harms adds flair, perspective and thoughtfulness you will appreciate.

Come as you are and enjoy free jazz music. These phenomenal events are soulful, deep, cool, penetrating, hilarious and are guaranteed to lift your spirits! A reception always follows the gatherings.

Please visit our Jazz Calendar for the current schedule.


Play your string and nobody else’s. Paint your object with colors you like! Discover everything you can and feel inspired. Create happily and see that what you do is good!