Church Staff and Contact Information


img_1217Pr. Steve Harms

Pr. Steve has an Masters of Divinity (M.Div) and his MA in Theatre Arts, and his years in ministry have taken him from the streets of the Tenderloin in San Francisco to the streets of Danville. Steve has previously served as the President of the Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County and remains actively engaged in deepening Interfaith connections within the community. Pr. Steve provides compassionate pastoral care and is a gifted preacher who enjoys creative worship. Steve has maintained a long-standing involvement in and passion for justice advocacy and is a teacher of Tai Chi Chuan. Steve and Bev have three sons. Theologically empowered within his own tradition, he feels free to explore, learn about, encourage and celebrate other faith traditions.

Sr. Pastor Steve:

Margareta-altarPr. Margareta Dahlin Johansson

Pr. Margareta was selected by the Diocese of Stockholm to be trained as a Spiritual Director in 1996 along with her ministry as an ordained Hospital Chaplain at the Karolinska University Hospital from 1977-1998 where she was a Senior Chaplain with a special focus on Women and Children. She is also a graduate of St. Luke’s Institute in Stockholm with a Diploma in Therapy. She’s a founder of the Forum for Medical Ethics (1992-1998) – an interdisciplinary work group of physicians, nurses and theologians at the Karolinska Hospital. Pr. Margareta has provided Pastoral Care in congregations in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Danville, California. She works in both English and Svenska/Swedish.

Spiritual Direction: Pr. Margareta

felts-photo-2Rev. Elizabeth Chandler Felts

Elizabeth grew up in a small mining town in southern Illinois and received degrees from Northwestern University and Harvard Divinity School.  She was ordained in the United Church of Christ and has served churches in Boston, Chicago and the San Francisco Bay area.  In addition to her work as Minister of Adult Education at Peace Lutheran, Elizabeth is a full-time chaplain for Hospice of the East Bay.  Elizabeth has a daughter Abigail and a spirited golden retriever, Mabel.  Elizabeth is a daily runner, enjoys cooking, baking, reading, Bach and bluegrass and is rarely without a Pepsi in her Prius cup holder.

Adult Education: Rev. Elizabeth Felts

Gary_PianoGary Sponholtz

Gary grew up in a small farming town in Wisconsin and left home at 19. Church music and accompanying singing congregations have always been part of his life. Beginning as a church musician at age 12, over the course of his career he has served in parishes from Guatemala, Honduras, the islands of Guam, Hawaii, Guaymas, Mexico, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Oakland to his current position at Peace Lutheran as its Director of Music. A former Franciscan Friar, Gary studied music and liturgy at UCSB, Holy Names College, and the Franciscan School of Theology. Gary also served in the US Navy from 1978–86. In the last 18 years he’s been active with the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom band and the San Francisco Gay Mens’ Chorus. Gary has performed in Seattle, Vancouver, BC, Philadelphia, Denver, Miami, SF, New York, Chicago, Koln, Germany, in parades, concerts, field shows, protests, and Presidential Inaugurals just to name a few! Gary is single, and loves BBQing, picking firewood and growing edibles in his yard.

Music Director:

Church Deacons

  • President, Ron Elsdon
  • Vice President, Chuck Fisher
  • Secretary, Linda Mino Hall
  • Treasurer, Diane Kurtz
  • Financial Secretary, Pam Lane
  • Worship, Margaret Beeler
  • Connections, Pat Leong
  • Education, Linda Benatar
  • Justice Advocacy, Linda Elsdon
  • Youth and Family, Monica Laurlund
  • Stewarding, Dennis and Pamela Baum
  • Property, Ken Budesa
  • Webmaster, Dabbie Bowron

Other Contacts