Facility Rental

Our facility offers a spacious sanctuary with exceptional acoustics and natural lighting to create an atmosphere of repose and spiritual vitality. Half- or full-day facility rental includes the Sanctuary, the Gathering Hall, Kitchen, and spacious bathrooms for quick changes (and side entrance) for participants.

Available for use:

  • Two grand pianos
  • an Allen Renaissance Organ (3 manual/80 stops, full-pedal board)
  • Music stands
  • Risers
  • Moveable wood-block sectional podium
  • An easel, tables and chairs

Available to rent:

Choir Risers are available to rent for use on- and/or off-site. Please contact our office to rent: office@peacejourney.org




We are happy to host your event at Peace.  If you are interested in renting our facility, please contact our office office@peacejourney.org