Pastor’s Weekly Message 9.4.14


A symbol is not divine, it points to what is deeper.  We embrace them anew, because we need them in our lives.  Why?  We need the dying and rising god to help us find our way back from the thousand little deaths we endure throughout our lives.  We need that magic elixir of body and blood to grant us a taste of sweet divinity, to temper the bitterness of our humanity.  We need the god-man who could walk on water because our souls hunger for the playfulness of improbability and paradox.  We once rejected symbols because they contradicted reason but now we take up and dance with symbols precisely because they contradict reason.  At last we understand:  Paradox and contradiction and improbability –  these are the only worthy authority.

                                                                                                        -Rev. Elizabeth Felts


Bev and I are back from a Glorious Wedding celebration in Montana.  Elias and Kelly make us so happy!  Thanks for all of your prayers and congratulations.  The Wedding Slide Show will be playing after worship this Sunday.

Official congratulations to Chris and Kirsten Pancoast on their Wonderful Wedding too!  A joyous day for all their families and friends.

This is Grandparents Sunday this weekend!  Bring your grandkids to celebrate with you if you wish.

Homecoming Theme for September 21:   Jonah – Getting Home by any Means Possible!  It’s time for us to regroup after our summer vacations and scamperings around the planet.  Can you imagine what it would look and feel like if we all showed up on one Sunday!  Make it a priority to Come Home on the 21st so can catch up with all your Peace friends.

Give Peace a Dance – Dance for Joy!  The Fall Kick Off Dance is celebrated on Saturday, September 13 from 6:30 – 8:30.  This is so good for body and soul.  Even the trees shake and bend to remind them they are free.  Tasty refreshments, wonderful music, beautiful people.  Won’t be half as much fun without you!

First Friday Films – this Friday!  Just a reminder if you are available to save Friday at 6:30 pm for a different format – 5 shorts with discussion time in between – popcorn and light refreshments too. Check out Tiny Miny Magic by Danielle Lurie where a young woman connects with her postal carrier in an unexpected way (9 min.); Revenge, Inc. by Matthew Moore where a man learns to give up his wish for revenge (23 min.); West Bank Story  by Ari Sandel blends musical comedy and farce in its description of one crazy scenario for peace in the Middle East; Second Life of a Sugar Bowl by Didier Canaux follows a man wandering through the Parisian flea market collecting an odd assortment of junk he turns to treasures for one he loves; and The Choice by Evan Kaufmann about a man who miraculously recovers from cancer and goes on a trip to meet an inspiring internet connection and picks up an interesting hitchhiker along the way. See you there!  –Elana

St. Francis Pet Festival will happen on October 12:   Invite friends, donate Silent Auction items, volunteer to assist, howl at the moon and ask for blessings for all of God’s creatures!


Tai Chi is like the Four Seasons  (A New Class Series begins on Thursday, September 18 at 7:00 pm)

Spring:  It begins by loosening and limbering, setting free the body energy to expand and grow.

Summer:  The Chi heats one up with fullness and the experience of free flowing energy.

Fall:  Then – moments, time and body seems to “fall off” as gracefully as autumn leaves.

Winter:  At last one becomes present yet empty and still with nothing to show.


Merger of Music and Painting – Here are a few comments artist John Barry posted on his blog for the Danville News after the Mistral Woodwind Ensemble Concert: On August 25 I attended and participated in a combination art exhibit and concert at Peace Lutheran Church in Danville. Adorning three walls of the sanctuary are paintings and text by Christine Hartmann, both of which come from her book I Stand at Your Gate. She wrote and illustrated the book as “a love letter to all men, women, and children who have been bought or sold through human trafficking or exploitation.” Check it out.  (Way to go Christine and Bill!)

My thanks to our gifted Peace Clergy – Revs. Margareta, Elizabeth and Dwane for their worship leadership and emergency coverage during my vacation.

Blessings,  Pr. Steve