Pastor’s Weekly Message 9.18.14


Homecoming is this Sunday – Jonah: Getting Home by any Means Possible will be our theme.  I encourage all the members and friends of Peace to join in the Fall Kick Off…..gracefully.  Anticipate a great day.

This Saturday (2:30 – 4:30) enjoy Bill and Kaleo painting while you dance to a wonderful Band – EBMudd.  The Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery in Lafayetter is sponsoring Bill Carmel, Kaleo Ching, John Barry, and Judy Chamberlin this weekend at the 2014 Lafayette Art & Wine Festival (September 20-21) to benefit Meals on Wheels. Painting demonstrations will happen near the main stage at one of the five biggest outdoor festivals in Contra Costa County. When completed, the paintings created will be auctioned – with proceeds going to Meals on Wheels!  The Lafayette Art & Wine Festival features art, handmade crafts, foods from top local restaurants, and wines and microbrews.  See you there.

Christine’s book “I Stand at Your Gate”(whose illustrations have created the current Art Exhibit in our Sanctuary) will be available for purchase this Sunday.  What a prayerful blessing her exhibit has been.

New Directory:  This will be the final Sunday to receive your edits and approval for our directory information.  The new Directory will then be promptly published.

Forum on September 28:  Martha will address “Depression: Pathways to Healing and Wholeness”.  She will cover information about Depressive Symptoms and Treatment for Depression and also Suicide Warning Signs, Risk Factors and Protective Factors.  She will have printed materials for handouts including local resources through the Contra Costa Crisis Center.  Questions and dialogue will be welcomed.

The Out of the Darkness Community Walk in SF on September 21st is WAY ahead of last year regarding registrants and funds raised.  We will be walking in the Mission Creek Park area below Giant’s Stadium.  Please keep us in your prayers!  Our next walk is in Oakland on October 18th, to see the sun rise over Lake Merritt.  Maybe Peace members would like to join in?

How to Build a Nontraditional Career Path: Embracing Economic Disruption  The paradigm of the successful career has shifted. No longer is working for a single company or even within a single career field throughout one’s lifetime the norm. Today, many people are considering nontraditional paths to achieving success.  Author Ron Elsdon identifies the types of individuals who will likely find nontraditional careers attractive and examines critical strategic issues, thereby enabling the reader to assess whether and how such a path might fit their personality, life goals, and career objectives. The information presented will benefit those considering “something different” at their entry to the workforce, individuals in middle or later career stages re-assessing their direction, people re-engaging with a career at an encore stage, or those whose previous career paths have been disrupted by an external event such as job loss.  Congratulations, Ron!  We’ll have a Book Signing Party at Peace soon…and check out the Dedication.

Dance for Joy – was pure joy.  20+ people shared an evening of great World Music which lifted our spirits and lightened our bodies.  We hope to have similar celebrations in the future….maybe attached to solstice and equinox occasions.

Sagrada Invitation -The Writing & Reading of Faith:  How do the traditions of faith become a living spirituality in our world? You’re invited to hear Richard Rodrigues and Kaya Oakes share a timely, lively and illuminating discussion about writing, faith and their recently published spiritual autobiographies. Saturday, September 27, 3:00-5:00.  Event at Faith Presbyterian Church, two short blocks away (corner of 49th & Webster) followed by book signing and reception back at Sagrada in Oakland.

The American Heart Magazine has an article on the value of Tai Chi Chuan.  A new class begins on September 18 at 7:00 pm at Peace.  Spread the word.

Blessings,  Pr. Steve