Pastor’s Weekly Message: 9.18.13

Grace Waves

I want to know the Truth,” begged the seeker.  “There is something greater than truth, said the sage.  What could be greater than Truth?  Reconciliation, replied the sage.


Homecoming Sunday happens this Sunday when we can all return and catch up with all our friends!  To heighten your joy you can participate in an Overnight Camp Out on this Saturday evening starting around 5:00 pm.  There will be a BBQ, hiking of the Labyrinth, enjoying a movie together, smores and more!  Adults and Youth are invited.  Approximately 8–10 people are confirmed.  And as if this wasn’t enough…..these hearty folk are preparing a Pancake Breakfast for the congregation on Sunday morning!  Arrive any time after 9:05 and eat to your heart’s content.

Name Tags:  You are asked to wear a name tag this Sunday and identify if you are involved in any of the Worship Teams at Peace.

Please keep directing and connecting new friends and old to our Website and Facebook page.  We want to utilize this tremendous resource for our congregational communications, outreach, and blessing of the larger community.   As Jesus taught….become a “Deranged Farmer”—freely casting seeds of creativity, thoughtfulness, education and celebration everywhere.  That’s the gift of our Web—it conveys the passionate commitments of our community.  Enjoy it, contribute to it, share it! Facebook:

The Justice Advocacy Committee met last Sunday.  What a splendid array and depth of energy for implementing the compassion and justice of the Gospel.  You’ll see the fruits of their labors categorized in our bulletin this Sunday.  To learn more check out the Justice Advocacy page on our website.  To get involved contact the coordinators.

The new Connections Committee has recently formed under the leadership of Deacon Dabbie Bowron.  Their work will focus on connecting members within Peace and outreaching/connecting with new friends outside of Peace.

The Education Committee is meeting today.  Expect to learn about new educational opportunities coming your way in these next weeks.

Forum for September 29:  Barb Droher Kline of Thrivent will present information on: How to utilize Choice Dollars for the support of Peace; and information about Community Workshops we might host regarding College Preparation and Retirement Planning to which friends and guests are invited.

Art Exhibit:  The powerful art in our sanctuary is by an Afghani Artist named Shokoor and comes to us through the efforts of Bill Carmel.  A full Exhibit will be evolving in the coming weeks.  You will want to invite friends to come and experience it.  Many more details to come.

The Jazz Recording session of “Sing Out!” had been pushed back to Sunday, October 20.  We hope to have a number of Sing Along Events during the year and this would be our Kick Off Event.  Plan to join in and invite friends.

Seminarian Brock Klobe has begun his work with us and the Federal Prison in Dublin.  He is currently researching the best way for us to start up our Prison Inmate Visitation Ministry.  An Internship Committee is in the process of being constituted.

Our Pet Festival is happening on October 6 from Noon–3:00 pm.   Distribute the fliers far and wide.  Thanks to all who have submitted baskets or gifts for the Silent Auction!

Blessings,  Pr. Steve