Pastor’s Weekly Message, 9.11.14


“We do not know enough about the future to be totally pessimistic.”

Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery in Lafayette is sponsoring Bill Carmel, Kaleo Ching, John Barry, and Judy Chamberlin this weekend at the 2014 Lafayette Art & Wine Festival (September 20-21) to benefit Meals on Wheels. Painting demonstrations will happen near the main stage at one of the five biggest outdoor festivals in Contra Costa County. When completed, the paintings created will be auctioned – with proceeds going to Meals on Wheels!  The Lafayette Art & Wine Festival features art, handmade crafts, foods from top local restaurants, and wines and microbrews.  See you there.

Dance for Joy!  This Saturday from 6:30 – 8:30.  Just come and move for the joy of it.  We will all feel better, lighter and happier!  Great World Music happening.  Refreshments served too.

Jonah – Getting Home by any Means Possible:  will be the Theme for our Homecoming Celebration on Sunday, September 21. I hope we can get all the members and friends of Peace together to kick off the Fall gracefully.  Anticipate a great day catching up with old and new friends after all of our summer activities and journeys!

Hospitality Hour:  Thanks to those who have signed up to host a Sunday Hospitality occasion.  We will need to have a few more folks sign up this Sunday to complete our Fall Season.

Last year Seminarian Brock Klobe’s expenses totaled $20,773.  This past week we received our final gift of $2,500 which allowed us to cover all of his expenses!  One year ago we were asked to proved an internship for Brock with FCI.  We had no money budgeted for this purpose.  Stand in awe:  because of your generosity, with the assistance of partners from around the country and the graciousness of the Spirit the financial requirements have been met.  In addition, 10 people from Peace are now ready to continue serving with our Prison Ministry and Peace has helped to equip another candidate for ministry.  This is how the Church works – always expect surprises!  Gratitude again to Brock’s Committee and to the whole congregation for sharing and shaping Brock’s pastoral formation with grace and wisdom.

Congratulations to Ron Elsdon who has a another book newly published!  It is entitled:  How to Build a Nontraditional Career Path: Embracing Economic Disruption.  Details about this new volume will be published next week.  We will have a Book Signing Party in the near future too.

The East Bay Stand Down, a 4 day event for homeless, needy and displaced veterans occurs in Pleasanton Thursday – Sunday.  Peace was instrumental in launching this effort several years ago.  During the Stand Down, vets live in a military-style “tent city” and receive various services on site:  health, medical and dental, legal, housing and employment options, as well as rehabilitation programs.  Please keep the vets and the organizers in your prayers.

This week the United Nations General Assembly voted 124 – 11 to begin negotiations for an international bankruptcy process to end global inequality. The process can potentially stop vulture funds from preying on vulnerable countries and create a global economy that serves all of us.  A majority of the world now supports critical financial reforms that will benefit the world’s poorest people.  Unfortunately, the United States government was one of only 11 countries to vote against this treaty process. While the US government is against predatory behavior, they are against this approach. We have much work left to do because today’s UN vote will not outlaw global predatory activity in the United States, one of the most important financial jurisdictions.

Blessings,  Pr. Steve