Pastor’s Weekly Message 5.7.15


“God is love – anyone who says they love God and acts indifferently toward their neighbor is a liar.” (1 John 4) Comment:  Isn’t the fulfillment of our duty towards our neighbor an expression of our deepest desire?  It may well be.  In any case, why torture ourselves wasting our lives hurting others?  –Dag Hammarskjold

Small and Tall Worship for Mother’s Day:  Join us for a purely joyful worship this Sunday with our little ones and those who love them!

“The Race to Nowhere”:  Our Education Committee, Chris Pancoast and Rob Stockberger urge you to see this film at Peace next Monday, May 11 at 7:00 pm.  It is a powerful film, made right here and it is about the real experiences and stresses our young people are growing up with and under.  Please invite friends to join you.  A Panel Discussion will follow the film.

Millennium Goals of 2015:  Our thanks to Mackie Dobson and Rob for contributing to our worship about Global Issues and Improvements this past Sunday.  The concert “The Way Chose You” based on the spiritual journal “Markings” by Dag Hammarskjold, second Secretary General of the United Nations, will be performed at Grace Cathedral on Saturday, June 27 and at Peace the night before on June 26.  Mark your calendars now.  The Kloster Vocalis Choir performed “The Way Chose You” this past Sunday at Eskiltuna Congregation in Stockholm.

A New Member Dinner will be held at Peace on Sunday, May 24 from 4:30 – 6:15.  To learn more about this gathering please speak with me.  Children are invited too.

“Californian Golden Autumn”:  The Opening of Thais’ Art Exhibit was well received by both our congregation and the Jazz Crowd this past Sunday.  It will be on Exhibit for the next month.  Invite friends to enjoy it with you.  Our thanks to Bill Carmel for serving as our curator too.  (See Bill’s Exhibit at the Oakland Islamic Center during the month of May too.)

“Aging Gracefully” – for men and women….continues on Tuesdays at 1 pm in our Peace Sanctuary.

Training at FCI for the Reentry and Mentoring Programs will be on May 19.

Hammarskjold Reflections

Concerning the way to peace and harmony – The truth is so simple that it is considered banal, yet it is continually denied by our behavior. Every day furnished new examples:

  • It is more important to be aware of the grounds of your own behavior than to understand the motives of another.
  • The other’s “face” is more important than your own.
  • If, while pleading another’s cause, you are at the same time seeking something for yourself, you cannot hope to succeed.
  • You can only hope to find a lasting solution to a conflict if you have learned to see the other objectively, but at the same time to experience their difficulty subjectively.
  • The person who “likes people” disposes once and for all of those who despise people.
  • First-hand experience is most valuable and he/she who has given up looking for it will one day find – that you lack what you need.
  • A closed mind is a weakness – and whoever approaches persons or painting or poetry without the youthful ambition to learn a new language and so gain access to someone else’s perspective on life – BEWARE!
  • An error which has to be corrected is heavier burden than truth.
  • Never fear to be unpopular – that is to seek the appearance of influence at the cost of reality.

Easter blessings and insights!

Pr. Steve