Pastor’s Weekly Message: 12.24.14

Grace Waves


And Mary said to the angel, ‘Let it be’……….she treasured all these things and pondered them in her heart.

“Pure Delight!”   What an incredible Christmas Concert!  Our thanks to Elizabeth Hunter Ashley and Hyunjung Choi for their artistry, inspiration and willingness to serve as catalysts for this profound experience of the gospel made vibrant in music.  In addition baritone Joo Won Kang moved many and the duet ‘The Prayer’ that Elizabeth and Joo Won sang melted our hearts most lovingly.  The Coelis Ensemble lifted us, Special Blend eased us and the Pacific Youth Choir made us happy for the gifts of the next generation.  The sing along “Hallelujah Chorus” with Gary, Sue/trumpet and Cynthia/timpani was a joy filled culmination.  God willing this will become an annual tradition for many years to come.

Our thanks to:  Elana and Bill, Jasmine and Elise, Ed Rethers, the Pacific Choir moms and teens, Libby and Margaret for the reception, ushering, ticket taking and clean up!

Giving Tree Gifts:  Special thanks to our whole congregation for the Giving Tree Gifts prepared for families in need.  More than 60 people received gifts due to your generosity this year.  Gratitude to Diane Kurtz and Libby for organizing the gifts for delivery; and to Nancy, Ceil, Ken and Libby for their delivery.

How rich it was to share the Treasures of Mary on Mary Sunday.  Thanks to Martha and Ceil for their gifts of song!

Christmas Caroling – what a joyful tradition!  Numerous Carolers (Nancy, Gun,  Lynn, Catherine, Libby, Ken, Dwane, Anthony, Gary) shared their Caroling Love with Edith and Charlene – where we were joined by an additional dozen children and singers;  enjoyed and sang for the Light Show on Love Lane, savored tasty night-sky treats with Marlene and Fred, sang at Gen’s home for daughter Candy, and topped off the evening at John and Toni Baker’s home.  Of course we sang through the streets wherever we went and accolades of praise were cast upon us for sharing the joy of Christmas!

Christmas Eve:

Children and Family Service at 5:00 pm:  You will meet pious shepherds, seasoned Wise Ones, see Angels waft to the Heights and get to welcome Mary and Joseph and the Baby – all of this through the eyes and hearts of our children.

Candlelight and Communion at 10:00 pm:  Enjoy the beauty of the night, the stillness and the candlelight.

Christmas Day – 10:00 am:  Moments to glorious to convey will be showered upon you!

Blessed Christmas,  Pr. Steve