Pastor’s Weekly Message: 12.15.16

Grace Waves


Every Midwife knows that not until the womb softens

can the child find the opening to be born.


Soften the treasure of your heart, my Friend,

so that the opening within you may be discovered

and the dark pain with the joyful vision you carry

may gracefully lead you to the never-ending grace.

“Turn Back, O Man” – no one will forget the dynamic Advent Song from Godspell that Elizabeth and Gary gave us last Sunday!  Fun, illuminating, truth-telling – exactly everything the Gospel is at its best!

Mary Sunday:  This Sunday we celebrate that strong woman Mary, Jesus mother!

  • Christmas Eve:  Family Service at 5:00 pm; 
    Candlelight and Communion at 10:00 pm.  
  • Christmas Day worship at 10:00 am.  
  • New Year’s Day – Christmas Carols at 10:00 am.

Giving Tree Gifts:  Please return your Christmas Gifts with the Ornaments taped on your gifts this Sunday, December 18.

Peace Christmas Caroling – Sunday, December 18 at 5:00 pm.  We begin with libations at Peace before we continue our joyous evening lead by traveling minstrel Gary!

 The Pure Delight Concert will be this Saturday, December 17 at 5:00 pm.  Invite friends to join you for this Christmas Concert –

 Please keep in your prayers:  Brian Turner, Renee’s mother, Brian McGee, Margaret Bender, Dave Neunaber, Pr. Bob Lesher, Fred Garrity, Ed Klitsch, Natalie, Rick; those who like the Holy Family are looking for a home.

Solar Halos:  As you know, we are working to put solar on the church roof.  This will not only show our commitment to the environment but will potentially save us $10,000 or more a year in energy costs that we could then use to supplement our many ministries.  We’ve researched it well and have narrowed it down to two companies who were recommended highly and have done many commercial installations.  We should be able to do the whole job using the best panels in the business for less than $90,000.  As of now, we have pledges for about $60,000 with about $50,000 cash already received.  All sales of Linda Elsdon’s photography goes to our Solar Project Our fundraising is continuing to grow.

Many people are donating in honor of or in memory of dear ones.  We hope to be able to order the project by late January in order to capture the most favorable P.G.&E payback.   Be sure to check out our website and click on the sunflower for more information.  Any donations arriving this year will receive a donation receipt for 2016 IRS.  The Peace Solar Committee

Thanks to our tasteful and highly skilled Decorating Committee who have graced our Gathering Hall with the spirit of the Christmas Season!

Volunteer Career Services at FCI Dublin – An advance word about the Forum Ron Elsdon will lead on January 8:

“Volunteer career services in a prison can offer a valuable benefit given the substantial career support needs of people approaching re-entry to society after incarceration. Having been privileged to deliver more than 50 career classes at FCI Dublin over the past two years this forum provides an overview of the form this has taken, how it has evolved, and the benefits and challenges.”

Advent Blessings,

Pr. Steve