Pastor’s Weekly Message: 11.24.15

Grace Waves


To be brave is to behave

Bravely when your heart is faint.

So you can be really brave

Only when  you really ain’t.

—Piet Hein

Welcoming the Stranger” – Thanksgiving Eve Interfaith Service, Beth Chaim at 7:30 pm, November 25.   Please join us for this wonderful annual tradition on Wednesday night – an opportunity to offer gratitude for the gift of life, friends, wisdom and grace.  You can bring tasty treats if you wish, canned goods for the Food Bank and help support the work of Shelter, Inc.  I hope you will get to meet the Syrian Refugees we are supporting through San Damiano and with the professional assistance of Jewish Family Services.  Gary, Elon and Paul are the music leaders for this occasion –and they want the support of all their friends!

 Our thanks to Margaret for her beautiful Quilt Exhibit and to Bill for curating this presentation!

Thanks to Peri and Ali for their special Thanksgiving Lamb Hospitality Hour this past Sunday.  What an honoring of their friends at Peace!

Our thanks to all who have submitted their Giving Cards.  Pamela and Dennis our Stewarding Deacons encourage the remaining families of Peace to submit your Cards by December 6 so our Treasurer can establish our budget for 2016.

New Year – Quiet Prayer Time / An Advent Invitation:  Would you appreciate time to center and focus before worship?  Beginning this Sunday the Healing Prayer Team invites you to join them in the Counseling Center at 9:40 for 15 minutes of quiet prayer time.   You will value how this deepens your worship and Eucharist celebration.

Sunday, November 29 will be the first Youth Group gathering for Middle and High School youth with 1 or both parents participating.  Thais and Greg will host the group from 6:00 – 7:30 pm.  John Ashley is bringing a variety of drums so we can enjoy a Percussion Circle!

21 families will be receiving provisions from the food that is purchased with the $800 raised by members of Peace.  The friends of Laurel Galan are most thankful for our generosity.  During Entre Culturas/ Between Cultures last visit, Dona Ligia said that they have no corn crops because of the lack of rain and a worm that attacked the plants.  It has recently rained, so they are hoping to harvest some wheat, since it requires less rain. They can use the wheat to feed their animals and make a different kind of tortilla for themselves. There are some women in the community who are sick with a fever and flu, which is typical for this time of year.  Keep our partners in your prayers as they keep us in theirs.

Backpacks – A Dozen have arrived!  Thanks to all who have contributed Backpacks for the Homeless during these last 2 weeks.  We will conclude this gathering of crucial winter gifts on December 6.  New or good condition, used packs are appreciated!

Keep in your prayers:   Kim and Cam – soon to give birth; Fred, Ralph, refugees, those seeking faith and a spiritual home, members and families of our youth group, and Bill and Pr. Bob Lesher on their birthdays.

Sunday, November 29 after worship:  Charlene is providing the materials with which to create Advent Wreaths – since this is the 1st Sunday of Advent, the beginning of the New Church Year.   A wonderful family activity!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pr. Steve