Pastor’s Weekly Message: 11.05.15

Grace Waves


You are cordially invited to Xanthia and Brock’s Wedding this Saturday at 3:00 pm.  To fall in love in a community that has been so nourishing to our faith in one another, honors us and fills us with praise! Thank you Peace, for all of your many gifts and blessings.  May you all continue to live in the love that is provided freely and that you have so freely shared!  

Xanthia and Brock

(Come Celebrate and see the Wedding Bands created through the Golden Gifts and Love of Peace!)

Stewarding Sunday – November 8:  The opportunity to reflect on and offer gratitude for our gifts.

Forum – Death with Dignity:   Bev will share information about this new legislation.  She is also willing to address any further questions as a follow up to last Sunday’s forum on Hospice and Palliative Care.

Family Worship – November 15:  One Sunday a month will be designated as our “Family Service”.   It will be designed with the kids leading, participating and celebrating.  Especially fun since they will get to see all their friends on these Sundays.  Bring your grandchildren!

Forum – Qi and Grace/Embodied Prayer:  Kaleo and Elise will lead our Forum on November 15.  This embodied prayer experience will be appreciated by adults and kids alike!

Welcoming the Stranger – Interfaith Thanksgiving Eve Celebration:  Our annual interfaith worship will take place on Wednesday, November 25 at 7:30 pm at Beth Chaim.  Save the date for this remarkable celebration.

Donate Backpacks for the Homeless:  Please bring new or good quality used backpacks to Peace between Nov. 15 and December 6.  The Trinity Center in Walnut Creek will distribute these special gifts to homeless friends in the following weeks.

Please keep in your prayers:  Fred Garrity, Jody Larson, Fran, Debassa Guyo, Xanthia and Brock, Ken’s mom, Kathy’s dad, Joan, Tom, Rose, Kaleo, Nancy, refugees, the people who pray for us.

Sabbath Class – November 17:  Our final class will host Wayne Muller, author of The Sabbath at Beth Chaim on Tuesday, November 17 at 7:30 pm.  Members of Peace are invited to purchase a copy of The Sabbath this Sunday and (even if you don’t get to read any of the book in advance)  attend this special evening.  This book is a wise guide to increasing Rest, Renewal and Delight in Life!  Who couldn’t enjoy more of this?

First Friday Films – Inside Out:  This will be on the 2nd Friday of November 13 at 6:30.  A remarkable film exploring “Ever wonder what is going on in the mind of a child?” Don’t miss this!

All Saints Reminder:  To be governed by that which comes alive when we have ceased to live… be able to see, hear, and attend to that within us which is always there in the still, dark center of our being.  Dag Hammarskjold

Blessings,  Pr.  Steve