Pastor’s Weekly Message: 10.31.13

Grace Waves


What I ask for is absurd:  that life shall have a meaning.  What I strive for is impossible; that my life shall acquire a meaning.  Therefore, pray that your loneliness may spur you into finding something to live for, great enough to die for. —Dag Hammarskjold

This Sunday is All Saints at which time we will remember those saints who have died during this past year.  Always a service of deep power and reflection.  We will use a liturgy with texts from the Spiritual Journal of Dag Hammarskjold, former UN Secretary General.

Wasn’t Gary’s Prelude—an improvisation on Cosmic Themes—beautiful this past Sunday?  And I gave him all of 5 minutes advance request.  How he makes the church organ sing!

Hope you got your Iris(es).  Thanks to Pam and Chuck Fisher for these.  Remember you are the Growing Tip of Human Consciousness.  You are invited to act wisely on behalf of the whole interconnected universe.  Your choices, prayers and connections make a difference!

First Friday Films—this Friday night at 6:30 pm:  “The Cunning Little Vixen” is a lavish animation of Janacek’s famous Czech opera featuring the lovable and flirtatious fox, Sharpears.  It is a delightful exploration of what it means to be a “free spirit”.  Invite friends to join you.

Jazz Church West—this Sunday at 5:00 pm you get to hear Mary D’Orazi and Grupo Brasiliando.  It will move your soul with the sweetest lusciousness!

Upcoming Calendar Dates for the Holiday Season:

November 17—Thanksgiving Sing Along at Peace.  Gary will accompany us as we enjoy songs and music close to our heart.  We will share a little holiday cheer afterwards.

November 27—Interfaith Thanksgiving Eve Service at Beth Chaim:  Join in this wonderful annual tradition at 7:00 pm.

December 8—Christmas Concert Celebration at Peace:   Enjoy our own Elizabeth Hunter, vocalist and Hyunjung Choi, organist with a wondrous evening of classical music and carols!

Congratulations to our Chaplain Dwane Michael who will be retiring as the Chaplain at John Muir Hospital in early December!  We will do some celebrating with him and hope to have he and Feli in our midst a little more often.

Reforming blessings,  Pr. Steve