Pastor’s Weekly Message: 10.23.14

Grace Waves


The heavens proclaim your glory, O God, and the firmament shows forth the work of your hands; Day unto day takes up the story and night unto night makes known the presence. No speech, no sound, no voice is heard—yet their design extends throughout the earth; Their silent message reaches to the utmost bounds of the world.
—Psalm 19

Reforming Church:  We celebrate the Reformation this Sunday (and the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation in 2017).

Our Forum:  What changes in faith and church life do you appreciate?  What are cool changes you would like to see at Peace or in the larger church?  What are essential commitments we need to make today?  Think on these things and come prepared to listen and speak.

Rabbi Dan Goldblatt and I are co-teaching a class based on the exciting new book, Jesus First Century Rabbiby Rabbi David Zaslow.  (Copies of the book are available this Sunday.)  The class will have four sessions and will be interactive and engaging and embrace the essence of the book as we seek to deepen understanding and connections between our Christian and Jewish communities.

The four sessions are all on Tuesdays and are: October 28th, November 4th, 11th, and 18th at 7:30 pm.

In the final session on Tuesday, November 18th, Dan and I will interview and dialogue with the author, Rabbi David Zaslow and share questions that emerge from the class.

The cost of the class is $50 and includes a copy of the book ($24), entrance to the public event and any other materials for the class.  (The Men’s Brotherhood from Beth Chaim has decided to underwrite the cost for anyone who would appreciate assistance.  Simply notify Pr. Steve to receive a scholarship.) All sessions will be held at Beth Chaim Congregation, 1800 Holbrook Drive, Danville.  One can register for the class by calling either Peace Lutheran at 648-7000 or Beth Chaim at 736-7146. – or signing up on Sunday.

The Embodied Prayer Series at San Damiano continues—a gift grounding and freeing your spirit.  If you wish to join in a class at any time, you can participate on any or all of the next 3 Wednesdays from  6:00 – 7:30 pm.

Reformation – Insights on Contemplation:  The practice of prayer, stillness, meditation is simply coming to view life through the heart of God; it is coming to see the world as God sees the world – as One.  The role of faith in the modern world is to develop people of substance who are immersed in questions of social significance.  The spiritual life is not the elimination of struggle; it is the sanctification of struggle as experienced in Luther, St. Francis, King, Merton, Mother Teresa, Bonhoeffer and others.  It is struggle transformed into wisdom.  The essence of a spiritual life is immersion in the world and a commitment to healing what is significant.  We know that we will have come to see God when we have come to see people and the creation as sacred.

Jazz Church West / All Nite Soul – Nov. 2 at 5:00 pm:  A special double booking awaits you for our All Nite Soul Celebration – Wing It will perform!  Friends Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter have offered many gifts to Peace over the years.  Please encourage friends to join you to experience this unique blend of dance/theatre/poetry – pure jazz!  They will begin around 7:00pm.  If you want the full jazz evening come at 5:00 pm for the Power Trio of Dan Zemelman, Mads Tolling and John Santos; a tasty meal prepared by our own Chuck Fisher and Wing It at 7.  Be good to yourself….give yourself a night filled with energy, creativity and joy!

The Sabbath is an opportunity to present your best to God!