Pastor’s Weekly Message: 10.17.13

Grace Waves


Jesus, I praise you a thousand times, Because you were rebellious, struggling day and night, against the injustice of humanity. (Nicaraguan Campesino/Peasant Mass)


Jesus understood nothing of finances, and there’s no evidence that he had a library.  (“Freedom” by Fernando Pessoa)

This will be Seminarian John Brett’s final official Sunday with us.  Come and bid him farewell as well as share your gratitude for the gifts he’s given us at Peace.

“Sing Out!”/Sing Along—this Sunday at 5:00 pm:  It’s finally here—come share a great evening of music, singing and joy.  Folks from Beth Chaim, the Jazz at Peace community, the Coelis Ensemble and Pacific Choir are all joining in.  Come sing your heart out!

It was a special gift to receive Shokoor’s music, chanting of Rumi, drumming and art work this past Sunday. The richness of being a House of Prayer for All People keeps getting richer.

The Partnership Committee enjoyed a marvelous evening’s Presentation by the Nicaraguan Delegation and Dinner. Gary’s video gave us a real feel for life in the community of Laurel Galan.  John and Libby’s experiences and comments helped convey the power and joy of this 20 year relationship of faith and friendship.  Peace has numerous faces/connections—Nicaragua, Lwamondo Parish, jazz community, intellectual expressions, art, justice involvements—but it is the gospel which permeates and prompts all of them.

From Seminarian Brock Klobe:  So, a seminarian walks into a building, not literally of course, because a seminarian should never believe in walls.  When a space is beautiful, it wants to be shared both inside and out.  That is what I have noticed about Peace.  Yet I still have not figured out who “belongs” to the space or not.  Whether I ever know in the duration of my stay,  does not matter much.  What does matter is the relationships that grow and the wisdom that is poured into my gullet.  Concerning the FCI Prison in Dublin, the seminarian has to use the Door on the way out.  The space is not so beautiful and free, but the rest of what was said above is identical.

My hope is to find out more about your roles in what some call the “secular world” and how you see your calling in the “outside” relationships and experiences.

My question: How does faith remain healthy enough to travel?

Keep in  your prayers:  Margaret Bender, Joan, Lance, Ari, Shokoor and his family in Afghanistan and refugees in India, Chris and Toby who have given birth to Twyla, John Brett, Brock Klobe, those with addictions, those who pray for us.

Barb and John Kline met with our Council to initiate a joint Pilot Project between Peace and Thrivent.  It will focus on creating and sustaining a long-term strategy for Peace.

An Organ Concert and Fundraiser and Sing Along is coming our way on November 17.  Details to come.  This should be great fun.

The Women of Peace will be assisting Nette with the packaging for the Shoe Box Ministry early in November.  Additional folks may be able to assist as well.

Blessings, Pr. Steve