Pastor’s Weekly Message: 10.03.14

Grace Waves


Human beings spend all their lives preparing, preparing and preparing….only to meet the next life unprepared.  Tomorrow or the next life – which comes first, we never know.

Congratulations to Xanthia and Brock on the Announcement of their Engagement!  All the friends of Peace are happy for them.  The wedding date has yet to be decided.

Congratulations to Linda Benatar on the birth of grandchild Sloan!

Our St. Francis Animal Blessing and Pet Festival is happening Sunday, October 12 from 12 – 3 pm.  Organizing is flowing well.  The final request of for people to set up the tables and chairs on Sunday morning at 8:30.  Additional gifts for the Silent Auction are welcomed.  Bring your friends.  Our thanks to Greg Grebe and the Committee for creating this gift to the community and making the organizing so easy.

Our Forums on October 5 and 19 will be on Healthy Self Care.  What keeps you energized, aware, in tune with life and feeling connected with God and community?  You will receive insights, resources and encouragement on these two Sundays.

Our thanks to Martha for her Forum presentation this past Sunday on Depression – Pathways to Healing and Wholeness.  We are blessed by the stories and resources she has to share.

Keep in your prayers:  Margaret Beeler and her mother Betty on the death of father and husband Ted; Pat’s son Derek who was injured in a car accident; those searching for employment, working to heal relationships, searching for a clearer sense of self, looking for a deeper spiritual life; for the people of Hong Kong, the Middle East and the Congo.

Rabbi Dan Goldblatt and I are co-teaching a class based on the exciting new book, Jesus First Century Rabbi by Rabbi David Zaslow.  (Copies of the book are available this Sunday.)  The class will have four sessions and will be interactive and engaging and embrace the essence of the book as we seek to deepen understanding and connections between our Christian and Jewish communities.

The four sessions are all on Tuesdays and are: October 28th, November 4th, 11th, and 18th.

In the final session on Tuesday, November 18th, Dan and I will interview and dialogue with the author, Rabbi David Zaslow and share questions that emerge from the class.

The cost of the class is $50 and includes a copy of the book ($24), entrance to the public event and any other materials for the class.  (The Men’s Brotherhood from Beth Chaim has decided to underwrite the cost for anyone who would appreciate assistance.  Simply notify Pr. Steve to receive a scholarship.) All sessions will be held at Beth Chaim Congregation, 1800 Holbrook Drive, Danville, at 7:30 pm.  One can register for the class by calling either Peace Lutheran at 648-7000 or Beth Chaim at 736-7146.

21 people attended the Embodied Prayer Series which began this week at San Damiano.  Kaleo, Elise and myself continue the series on Wednesdays from 6 – 7:30 pm throughout October and concluding on November 6.   You can come to one or all of them…..consistency though leads to greater depth.  We will integrate prayer, meditation, qiqong, scriptures and East/West practices.  Register at:

The Jazz Church West opens our 10th Anniversary Season this Sunday with Mad and Eddie Duran.  Mad and Eddie took the leap of faith 10 years ago when they were the first artists to play for our very first Jazz at Peace Celebration.  Eddie is only 89 years old and a master wizard on the guitar while Mad is a superb sax player who will melt your heart –  so you may want to stop by and experience a taste of heaven.

Please join Ben Jones and I to enjoy four short films on Fri. Oct. 3 at 6;30 pm in the Youth Room.Flatland stars Martin SheenMichael York and Kristin Bell. Set in a two-dimensional land, the inhabitants are geometric shapes. Young Hex is curious about the nature of things, more curious than the authorities are comfortable with. Era is about two characters in a silent film. Friend Request Pending stars Judi Dench as a woman navigating social media sites. Helium by Anders Walter is an Academy Award winner about a boy in a hospital and the storyteller who tries to help him. See for more info.

Blessings,  Pr. Steve