Pastor’s Weekly Message: 08.25.16

Grace Waves


Primal freedom is the willingness to face and embrace the responsibility for our lives and encourage the wellbeing of others.  Without this freedom we suffer intently when we don’t get what we want.  But when through a life of prayer, the nourishing of spirit and spiritual practice, when we are in touch with that vitalizing core of compassion then even when life hurts, when we are demeaned, diminished, dismissed, and even when our reputation is smeared we can still be joyful.  Because our lives are not dependent upon the outcomes of our success or failures. —Rev. Steve Harms

This Sunday we celebrate with ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ liturgy.  It utilizes a variety of texts from John Steinbeck’s superb novel.  Our thanks to Don Britt for bringing this liturgy to us.  When The Grapes of Wrath appeared in 1939 it electrified an America still recovering from the Great Depression.  It dramatized not only the forced migration of the “Oakies” whose fields and farms were foreclosed upon but it exposed the plight of the dispossessed everywhere.  One Quarter of Earth’s Humanity is displaced today by war, drought, political oppression and ethnic conflict.  Scripture reminds us that we are all ‘migrants in search of our true home’ and requires us to welcome strangers as guests for “in so doing some have entertained angels.”  Join us for communion with wisdom, grace and truth this Sunday.

This Saturday night at 7:00pm we will have a Peace Camp Out around the Labyrinth.  Good snacks, good stories (maybe a movie) and a good night’s rest under the stars.  In the morning – pancakes for breakfast!  What more could you want?  The Camp Out opportunity will come your way several times during this next year.

Our Confirmation Program will begin on September 18.  We already have 6 -8 kids.  More are invited.  Parents and/or grandparents get to be a part of the year’s program. Contact me for details.  Homecoming Sunday will be that same morning.

Please keep in your prayers:  Maverick who was baptized last Sunday, Ali Shabaniani (our janitor of many years) who died 2 weeks ago, Joan Strawn who is now in hospice care, Lois’ son Brian, Linda Benatar recovering from a broken ankle, Rhonda recovering from a broken wrist, Linda Britt, my family as we mourn the death of my father.

My gratitude to all of you for cards and condolences on the death of my father Paul Harms.  His Memorial Service will be on Saturday, September 3 at 2 pm at Trinity Seminary in Columbus, Ohio.

A new Tai Chi Class series will begin on Thursday, September 8 at 7:00 pm at Peace.

Meditation in the sanctuary will resume from 6 – 6:45 pm on Thursdays as well.  This includes walking meditation too.

Peace – cool for the body, mind and community!

Blessings,  Pr. Steve