Pastor’s Weekly Message: 08.21.15

Grace Waves


Wisdom says – my friends, listen to me.  Happy are those who keep my ways.

Listen to the teachings and become wise.

Blessed are those who keep watch at my gates and guard my entrance.

Whoever finds me finds life and the favor of God, whoever misses me harms themselves;  all who hate me are in love with death.  (Proverbs 8: 32 – 36)

You are cordially invited to a Peace Feast on Saturday, August 29 at 6 pm.

A Lovely Evening with a Luscious Meal (Brisket, BBQ Oysters, Melon Soup, Fresh Pies) Relaxed and Informal –this is an opportunity to catch up with new friends and old. The whole Church Council will attend.

We promised Chuck (our favorite Chef) that 50+ people would join us.

Suggested Donation: $20 – 25. Feel free to invite friends.  Of course children are welcomed for free.

Sign Up on Sunday or notify the office (we’ve got 10 folks already).

“Being Mortal” the Frontline Documentary about Atul Gawande will be shown on Wednesday, September 2 from 6:30 – 8:30 pm in the Ball Auditorium at John Muir Hospital. It is free, a reception follows and Ms. Bev Harms will be one of the leaders for the evening!

“Aging Gracefully” under the leadership of Pr. Margareta will resume on Tuesday, September 8 at 1 pm at Peace.  The group will be reading “Being Mortal”.

The Education Committee meets next Thursday at 4 pm at Peace.  If you would like to participate speak with Deacon Linda Benatar.

Love has reasons which reason cannot understand.
Blaise Pascal

Homecoming Sunday will be September 20!  That afternoon Peace will host an “International Day of Peace Concert” which is sponsored by the Interfaith Council of Contra Costa.  Seven interfaith choirs or musical groups will perform including our own Gary Sponholtz.

Please keep in your prayers: Kathy Riordan’s mother, Fidel and Heidi, the children of Yemen, the homeless seniors at St. Mary Center, Thich Nhat Hanh.

A life without wisdom is like winding a clock and not setting the time – it runs perfectly fine but tells you nothing.

Blessings,  Pr. Steve