Pastor’s Weekly Message: 07.18.14


In light of our Night Ministry Tenderloin Tour:

Nothing is so rare as to see  Misfortune fairly portrayed:  The tendency is either to treat the unfortunate person as though catastrophe were his/her natural vocation or to ignore the effects of misfortune on the soul—as if to assume that the soul of the person who suffers misfortune can remain unmarked by it.  This deception is a great benefit to the observer who merely want to pass by. —Simone Weil

Our Youth will join Charlene at Danville Rehabilitation this Sunday and serve lunch at Loaves and Fishes next week. Please keep them and their life in the Spirit in your prayers.

The Justice Advocacy Committee will meet at Linda and Ron Elsdon’s home this Saturday, July 19 from Noon – 2:15 pm.  All are welcome.  Please send your RSVP to: [email protected].

There was strong interest expressed this past Sunday from members of Peace in learning about Interview Coaching at FCI Dublin.  We will receive details about this ministry in the future.

Need a good read?  The Iliad,  ancient epic and first piece of Western literature by Homer, has received a new translation by Stephen Mitchell.  It is an excellent presentation of this powerful and poetic classic.  You may also enjoy reading Simone Weil’s essay ‘The Iliad:  The Poem of Force’.   In this commentary she writes: ‘The powerful are never aware that power is limited.  It is the tiny interval of reflection that stirs our consideration and realization of our brothers, sister’s and enemies humanity.  Where there is no room for reflection, there is no room for either justice or prudence.  The abuse of force is the soul of the epic.”

Keep in your prayers:  Mark, Ed, Sunghee, gratitude for Gen and Lanie who are getting stronger; those traveling, those who encourage us, the people of the Middle East; the farmers and artists and sages who feed us.

The Night Ministry will celebrate its 50th Anniversary on Sunday, November 16 at 3:00 pm at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.  Anne Lamott will be the guest speaker.  ‘Wing It’ will perform and the Volti Choir will sing.  I am part of the Planning Committee which is designing this festive service.  All the members and friends of Peace are invited to attend.  Night people and street people will be in attendance too.  A fundraising dinner at Delancey Street will follow that evening.

Gandhi was studying law at the University College of London where a Prof. Peters who did not disguise his animosity toward Gandhi, frequently “argued” with him.  One day, Prof. Peters was having lunch in the dining room of the university.  Gandhi came along with his tray and sat down next to him.  The professor said, “Mr. Gandhi, you do not understand….a pig and a bird to not sit together to eat.”  To which Gandhi replied, “You do not need to worry then professor, I will fly away,” and he moved on to another table.

Summer blessings,  Pr. Steve