Pastor’s Weekly Message: 07.01.16

Grace Waves


Gracious God:  Days pass and years vanish as we walk sightless among miracles.  Open our eyes, clear our minds, awaken our  understanding.


Let there be moments when your Presence—like candlelight or lightning, illumines the darkness in which we walk.


May we, clay ignited by the touch of your breath, enjoy the wonder: How filled with awe is this place—and we did not know it!

Global Partnerships:  “Peace is a product of justice, but justice is not enough. Love is necessary, the love that makes us feel that we are brothers and sisters is properly what makes for true peace.” (Archbishop Romero)  Our partnerships with Laurel Galan in Nicaragua and Lwamondo Parish in South Africa touch our hearts, deepen our faith, shape our lives and help us grow in our understanding of the importance of solidarity in creating a more peaceful, just, and compassionate world community.  This quote by Archbishop Romero of El Salvador, resonates with the core gospel reason why our partnerships are so important.  Keep our friends who are in distant places but close in our hearts in your prayers.

Refugees at San Damiano is a wonderful link to a video from Jewish Family Services about the Refugee Care Program which I-SRV/Interfaith has sponsored and San Damiano (a Franciscan Retreat Center) has hosted.  Philippa has served as our Peace Refugee Committee representative (Libby has also assisted) – so speak with either if you have follow up questions.

Link here to see what life is like for refugees in transit in Greece. Also check out our website link for more information on volunteering.

Fine Art Portrait Photography:  As part of our Mid-Summer Fund Raising, Fine Art Portrait Photographer, Kersti Malvre, has generously offered  a  special opportunity for you to have Professional Portraits created of you and your family for a fraction of the price she normally charges.  For a $75 Donation to Peace, you will receive an $850 Gift Certificate for a Portrait Session and 8×12 Masterpiece.  She will have a display set-up at the BBQ and Solstice Dance and at the Father’s Day Church Service. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity!

2nd Friday Films:  Hail, Caesar proves that independent films can surprise you – a Coen brothers’ light-hearted dramedy about 50’s Hollywood with nary a cynical moment.  Enjoy an aquatic musical piece, a singing cowboy scene, and a “No Dames” music and dance number featuring Channing Tatum. Josh Brolin plays Eddie Mannix, who is a man worth emulating as he puts out fires on the lot of Capitol Pictures many movie sets. Some even say Mannix embodies this Gibran quote: “”Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh, and the greatness which does not bow before children.” Cast includes George Clooney, Scarlett Johansson, Ralph Fiennes, Tilda Swinton and Frances McDormand. Run time 106 minutes, PG 13 rating. Join us for popcorn during, discussion after.


  • July 17 – Wine and Cheese at San Damiano with Guest Artists Thais Ouzounian and Kersti Malvre!   3 – 5 pm.
  • Saturday, August 27 – Overnight Camp Out at Peace ++ Movies!
  • Sunday, September 11 at 5:00 pm:  “Beyond Measure”  – a film about Education in our Valley.  A Must See!
  • Sunday, September 18:  Confirmation begins!
  • October 2:  St. Francis Animal Blessing and Festival

Pr. Elizabeth preaches and presides during July.  Pr. Dwane will cover emergencies while we are on vacation.

Blessed Summer,  Pr. Steve