Pastor’s Weekly Message: 06.26.14

Grace Waves


Either you look at the universe as a very poor creation out of which no one can make anything or you look at your own life and your own part in the universe as infinitely rich, full of  inexhaustible interest, opening out into infinite further possibilities for study and contemplation and interest and praise.  Beyond all and in all is God. Perhaps the book of life, in the end, is the book of what one has lived and if one has lived nothing, he is not in the book of life. —Merton

Solstice Celebration:  What a wonderful/summerfull party we had last Saturday.  The BBQ was delicious, the straw bales provided ambience, the steel drum and percussion brought joy, the conversations with new friends gave happiness, the solstice ritual was calming and hilarious, the DJs delivered excellent world music, the Fire Pit Fans initiated an exclusive Marshmellow Club, and friends from CCIH helped prepare and clean up.  We raised $1100!  Our thanks to Chuck and Pam, Bruce, Kaleo and Bill, Gary and many others who contributed to this glorious evening.  Already those in attendance began demanding that this become an annual tradition. Be sure and watch Gary’s video of this event!

This Sunday will be Seminarian Brock Klobe’s final Sunday with us.  Our worship will celebrate his presence among us during the past year and the initiation of our Prison Ministry.  Brock’s parents also sent this note to the members of Peace.  “Thank you all so much for your kind hospitality in sharing with us your church, the wonderful potluck meal, and for making us feel at home in your home.  Our special thanks for taking such good care of Brock this past year during his internship.  It was a blessing to us to know that he had such good friends so far away from our home.  We truly hope that our paths may cross again.  Until then, God’s Peace to you all.  Takk skal duha!  Lisa and Steve Klobe

“I am so grateful for the Peace family!  During my recovery from full knee replacement surgery, I was nurtured by gifts of meals, visits and emotional support.  I want to thank Pr. Steve, Charlene, Nette, Gun, Libby, Gen, Arlene, Nancy, Gary, Maryellen and John Nowell, Bill and Elana, and Ken and Michael.   I do believe that the support that I received greatly contributed to my record recovery time.  Thank You So Much!”  Jeanie Locklear

Happy News from Brenda Bos:  I have been called as solo pastor to Christ Lutheran San Clemente. Pacifica Synod, south Orange County.  It’s really quite stunning. I would be grateful if you would share the news with the Peace Congregation. I start July 1 and my ordination is August 16. Thanks be to God!

White Pony Express:  I want to thank you for the shining hospitality served up to John and Ellen this past Sunday. They felt truly embraced by the people of Peace. What an amazing community this is!  Loel Miller

Gary invites/reminds us that there are still Plenty of Seats available for “Dazzle  Broadway…Our Way” by the SF Gay Men’s Chorus at the Nourse Theatre Thursday (June 26) and  Friday (June 27) at 8pm!  Check out:

Regarding Peter Maurin, co-founder of the Catholic Worker.  “Peter made you feel a sense of his mission as soon as you met him.  He did not begin by tearing down, or by painting so intense a picture of misery and injustice that you burned to change the world.  Instead, he aroused in you a sense of your own capacities for work, for accomplishment.  He made you feel that you and all people had great and generous hearts with which to love God.  If you once recognized this fact in yourself you would expect it and find it in others.  “The art of human contacts,”  Peter called it happily.  But it meant seeing Christ in others and loving the Christ you saw in others.  Greater than this:  It was having faith in the Christ in others, without being able to see Christ.  Blessed is the one who believes without seeing.”  (Dorothy Day)

Summer blessings, Pr. Steve