Pastor’s Weekly Message: 06.22.16

Grace Waves

Friends – a prayer for those caught in the Orlando tragedy.

Almighty God, you who overcome the arrow that flies by day and the terror that stalks by night: guard our going out and our coming in; and keep our hearts from hopelessness.


In the face of brutality, in the midst of violence, in the aftermath of tragedy; in Orlando, Florida and throughout the shattered places of this world;
Be with us and correct us wherever your name is blasphemed as a motive for murder,
and tenets of world faiths are perverted and portrayed as sources of hatred.


Lord, bring us closer to one another, to comfort and reassure; bless the wounded of Orlando,
and the families, friends and loved ones of all who suffer and die; grant that we may overcome evil together, through unity in your love. Amen. (from the World Council of Churches and Pr. Margareta’s homily)

Midsommer BBQ and Solstice Dance:  Saturday was lovely. Wonderful to see so many people enjoying themselves eating, relaxing, dancing, and mostly just being together.

Thanks to Chuck and Pam, Elana and Bill and Judith for our feast (how many churches serve oysters!); and to Kaleo and Elise – in times of darkness and disappointment MAHALO for sharing light and community!

The Family Service was both thoughtful and playful.  We are blessed.  Thanks to all the butterflies, crocodiles and elephants who attended!

Keep in your prayers:  Joan, Gun, Drew, Diane, Ed, Roy, Linda, Liz, Jim, Joe, Jody, Bonnie, Corinne, Shirley, those who are with child, for joyfulness of heart, for courage and love to face our choices and responsibilities.

The Sales Frenzy has been continued one more week so all the remaining Peace Mosaic T-shirts and Books of Wisdom can be sold on Sunday.

Special Offer – Fine Art Portrait Photography:  As part of our Mid-Summer Fund Raising, Fine Art Portrait Photographer Kersti Malvre, has generously offered  a  to have Professional Portraits created of you and your family for a fraction of the price she normally charges.  For a $75 Donation to Peace, you will receive an $850 Gift Certificate for a Portrait Session and 8×12 Masterpiece.  She will have a display set-up at Worship this Sunday – a wonderful belated Father’s Day Gift!  You will be delighted by this  rare opportunity.  Speak with Kersti on Sunday or check out:

Advance Calendar:  Camp Out at Peace on Saturday night, August 27!

May God give grace and comfort to all who mourn, and divine compassion to us all.


Pr. Steve