Pastor’s Weekly Message: 06.18.15

Grace Waves


All the last minute arrangements for the International Premiere of  “The Way Chose You” Concerts in New York and San Francisco and at Peace are being concluded.  I head to New York this Friday to join the Kloster Vocalis there.  Please keep us in your prayers.

I hope you will encourage as many friends and family to join you as possible for this historic 70thAnniversary occasion.  I know you will be pleased by the Concert.  The details can be found at:

An attendee at the Pacific Choir and  Coelis Vocal Ensemble last Saturday said to me, “This music made me feel as if I had the strength to accomplish anything and simultaneously I felt like was just the wisp of a cloud.”  This is an experience of the best of art and the Gospel.

This week  I will share with you the Letter of Congratulations I wrote for the Concert Program last weekend.   I’ll see you at Peace on June 26 at 7 pm or at Grace Cathedral at 3:00 pm.

“Congratulations on your continued commitment to lift out spirits with Vivaldi’s “Gloria” and stir within us the best of classical and contemporary music!

I have enjoyed hearing your concerts for several years now.  It is striking for me to experience the evolving depth of your musical heart and maturing passion for life which you have sung and  expressed so elegantly.  You encourage all of us by your presence and performances with hope and refreshed gratitude for life.

It is said of preachers that when our lives conclude we will get to hear all the sermons we ever preached  – and then have to decide if we are in heaven or hell.  When the day comes that you get to listen to all the music you have ever sung as members of the Pacific Choir and Coelis Vocal Ensemble – you will know you are in heaven!

I am thankful for your Founder Ms. Hyunjung Choi who leads you with such vision and competence, grace and wisdom; and for your whole Leadership Team who invest themselves in organizing the myriad details which must be accomplished in order for a fine choir to sing with greatness!

Know I am grateful that tonight’s “Gloria” is raising funds to support the 70th Anniversary Concerts (at Peace and Grace Cathedral in San Francisco) celebrating the United Nations Charter Signing  at the end of WWII in June of 1945.  But I am thrilled that the Coelis Vocal Ensemble and Pacific Youth Choir will be performing at both concerts as part of this historic event!  Your Voices deserve to be heard and need to be heard in our global cry for peace.  Joining with the Kloster Vocalis Choir from Sweden and the Sycamore Chamber Orchestra, your participation in “The Way Chose You” will ensure that our Prayer for Peace (inspired by Dag Hammarskjold of the UN) will be heard internationally and blessed by the heavens.

May God continue to bless you with harmonic imagination as you encourage the dignity of our humanity for which we were created.”

Blessings,  Rev. Steve Harms