Pastor’s Weekly Message: 05.17.16

Grace Waves


Is not Wisdom calling?
Is not Understanding raising her voice?

I am calling to you, people of the earth, my words are addressed to all humanity.

Leave foolishness behind and you will live, go forward in the ways of discernment. —Proverbs 8


Trinity Sunday – the Great Celebration of the Mystery, Manifestation and Meaning of the Communion of Love – this Sunday.

Forum – Connections within and beyond Peace: Our Connections and Youth/Family Deacons Pat Leong and Monica Laurlund will lead our Forum this Sunday about the ministry -dimensions currently happening and soon evolving through the connections of Peace.  Please join in  – your contributions and insights are valuable!

Our thanks to all the Linguists who participated in our Pentecost worship this past Sunday, to Gerry Grosz for his music and to Anthony on his birthday!

Renewal and Prayer with Inmates:  Norma will participate in an Agape Retreat with inmates at the Vacaville Prison on the May 29th weekend.  She requests your prayers for them to assure them that the outside community cares and they are not forgotten.

Yoga at Peace and Beth Chaim:  Jennifer Zetlan has begun a Shabbat Yoga Program at Beth Chaim on Saturday mornings.  She has been conversing with Jeanne Kaplan and Linda Benatar about making this a cooperative venture with Peace folks who are either yoga enthusiasts or those who would like to learn about this practice.  Please join us for this Forum on June 12!

Vocalist Clairdee performs for the final Spring Community Concert Series event this Saturday, May 21 at 8 pm.  She is a long time friend of Peace and a wonderful performer.

Heart Times Film Festival :  Zwo and Ndamu Farisani are excited to share with you a project we are working on that is very close to our hearts. We have been involved in the South African TV and Film Industry for many years in numerous capacities. We are now spreading our wings and delivering our own productions through our production company ‘Farisani Creations’. Our current project is the ‘Heart Times Film Festival’ which consists of four films with the common theme of ‘Love and Relationships’. The films do not aim to approach these topics in the traditional fairy-tale sense, but are meant to be delivered in an authentic and holistic manner with the key objective of helping people work through and heal from life’s challenges. We strongly believe in spreading a message of love and hope. With so many negative elements in the world right now, it has never felt so necessary to counter that with the positive.  The scripts for all the films are completed, with some of South Africa’s finest cast and crew already signed onto the project because of their shared passion for the story lines. If you’re interested in the project or you know someone who might be, please spread the word. Your support is highly appreciated!  To learn more:

Dogtown Redemption:  Those who saw this PBS film about the street recyclers who fight to survive in one of Oakland’s poorest neighborhoods, will not soon forget it.  How harshly the impoverished must suffer while living in such close proximity to fabulous wealth.  Lord, have mercy.

United Nations Day at Muir Woods:  May 19 marks the 71st Anniversary of the UN Charter Signing at Muir Woods.

Let yourself be Silently Drawn by the Strong Pull of what you really Love.  —Rumi

Pentecost Blessings,

Pr. Steve