Pastor’s Weekly Message: 05.07.14

Grace Waves


Above all, recognize that if you have had success, you have also had luck – and with luck comes obligation.  You owe a debt, and not just to God.  You owe a debt to the unlucky. —Michael Lewis

We will celebrate Mother’s Day and the Good Shepherd this Sunday.

Here are some insights from the mystic Julian of Norwich, an English Anchorite who was born in 1343.  She had a series of “Showings”/Revelations and today’s inclusions pertain to her feminine experiences of God and Christ.  She left the world with 3 major Learnings:

  1. That God is mother,
  2. That fear of God is not humility, and
  3. That even though we sin all will be well.

She left for us a concept of the femininity of God, the accepting and affirming presence of God and total trust in God.

She not only uses feminine imagery to refer to God and Jesus, but she explains it theologically.  She wrote:

As truly as God is our Father, so truly is God our Mother, and God revealed that in everything, especially in these sweet words where God says:  I Am – I am the power and goodness of fatherhood; I am the wisdom and lovingness of motherhood; I am the light and grace which is all blessed love; I am Trinity and I am the Unity.

I understand three ways of contemplating motherhood in God:   The first is the foundation of our nature’s creation; the second is God’s taking of our nature, where the motherhood of grace begins; and the third is the motherhood at work.

The mother can give her child to suck of her milk, but our precious Mother Jesus can feed us with himself, and does feed us most courteously and tenderly with the blessed sacrament, which is the precious food of true life.

(We have much more to learn!)

Joan Squire’s Memorial Service will be this Friday, May 9 at 11 am at Peace.

Brock informs us:  I found out Monday that the Religious Service Department at the Federal Prison in Dublin received a superior rating  – the best that can be received!  Congratulations to Chaplain Peggy Ashforth!

The Abba-Imma Lord’s Prayer workshop lead by Kaleo and Elise Ching and myself will be presented at San Damiano Retreat Center this Saturday from 9:30 – 4:30 pm.   Speaking in chorus with the 2,000 year old utterance of the Lord’s Prayer and moving in harmony with the ancient practice of Chi Kung, the Abba-Imma Chi Kung prayer blends Judeo-Christian and Taoist wisdom and compassion. You will learn the theological, philosophical, and spiritual background and context of the Lord’s Prayer along with exercises to open the mind, heart, and body.  The cost is $60.  Come learn more about the embodied practice of Jesus’ Prayer.

Congratulations to Mark and Sheila Miller on the birth of grandson William; and to Diana Keller on the birth of grandson Ryder!

Congratulations and thanks to Arlene Reed for 35 years of faithful ministry with Danville Elders through the Sing Alongs at Sunrise!

Please keep in your prayers:   Gen Estenson, Greg Grebe and Annie Haines – all recovering from surgery; the Squire Family; Ari, Veronique, the kidnapped young women, gratitude for prayers which have been answered; and all of our mothers.

Please complete your Justice Advocacy Surveys if you have not done so yet.

The Afrika Choir One will join us for worship on Sunday, May 18.  That afternoon the John Muir (Hospital) Chorus will offer a Concert at Peace at 4:00 pm.

Work as though everything depended on ourselves, and pray as though everything depended on God. St. Ignatius


Easter blessings,  Pr. Steve