Pastor’s Weekly Message: 04.28.16

Grace Waves


We most need to pray when we least feel like praying.  Even when we seem unable to pray, we can trust the Spirit who prays within us with sighs too deep for words.  Our prayer depends not on our temperament or sense of quiet but on the Spirit’s presence within each one of us. —Catherine of Siena’s Way

The Early Communion Class will celebrate the culmination of their Communion Learning this Sunday.  It has been a wonderful 3 months of learning together!

Our Earth Day Family Service was quite marvelous!  Gratitude to Pr. Margareta for her creative design of this service, to Christina Berg for the animal action songs, to Master Duck Caller Jake Kurtz, to our Sunday School staff Charlene, Arlene and Pat, and to all our children for the beauty of who they are and for planting our Luther Pomegranate Tree….with Ken’s help!  We are blessed by rich depth and breadth in our Family Services because our pastoral leader clearly understands children’s spiritual formation and the joyful playfulness of the Gospel that we all need to experience.

Forum, May 1 – The Peace Survey:  The Peace Council invites you to join them for a conversation on the priorities discerned by examining the Survey at our April Retreat.  Your presence and wisdom are desired!

Wisdom Seekers – Christian and Interfaith Dialogue at Peace:  This Tuesday, May 3 Seminarian Crystal Larsen will lead this fascinating discussion.  Her presentation has been designed as part of an Education Class she has been taking at PLTS Seminary.  We meet at Peace from  1  – 2:30 pm.  All are welcome to participate!

New Creation Mantra/ A Love Story:  Over 100 World Religious Leaders signed the Interfaith Climate Statementon Earth Day, April 22 committing themselves to implement the Paris COP Decisions and urging the United Nations to globally enact the Eco-Summit Commitments.  We are mindful of those who already suffer the consequences of climate change – in Nicaragua, in the countries of Africa, the Arctic Region and the Pacific Islanders.  For the sake of our children we will Care for our Common Home!

Please keep in your prayers:  Joan Strawn, Linda, Gun, Michael, Bonnie Nelson, Mark Howard, Fred, Pr. Bob,  our Early Communion Class, Youth Group, elders, those living with addictions, for Collin and Brady who will be baptized on Sunday; in gratitude for all the concerts, recitals, worship and cultural celebrations at Peace; that we may be aware of and live in solidarity with who suffer the consequences of climate change now.

Mother’s Day is May 8.  Jewelry designed by Kersti Malvre will be available for your purchase.  The Sycamore Strings Academy will offer a Mother’s Day Concert at 5:00 pm.

SAVE THE DATE-October 2nd, 2016, from Noon to 3PM:  Pet Festival and St Francis Blessing of the Animals.  Our theme this year is from Canticle of the Sun by Marty Haugen….5th verse The creatures you made to let your life show”.   Last year we simply offered blessings.  This year we resume the full experience of music, silent auction, food sales, exhibitors and general merriment. We usually have several hundred pet and people visitors – so don’t miss it.  Donations of animal care items, dog and cat store coupons, restaurant coupons, yachts, mansions and vineyards gratefully accepted.   Want to get involved – contact me.   Kind Regards, Greg Grebe

Jazz Church West – May 1 “From Brasil to Bacharach” with Mary D’Orazi.  All the smooth sounds of Brazil will be yours this Sunday at 5 pm.  Thais is inviting the whole Brazilian Bay Area community to attend with her!  (Plus her art will be available for purchase.)You won’t want to miss this.

Come gather ‘round the table, come gather ‘round the Word
All children come together to let God’s love be heard.
We come from many places, to many we will go. We take God’s message with us, the Word of Love to show!

Easter Blessings,  Pr. Steve