Pastor’s Weekly Message: 04.22.15

Grace Waves


He saw the Western world as increasingly alienated from the principles which give life significance and beauty – as approaching the condition of a machine out of control and hastening towards destruction….the organic sense of life was being shattered into countless unconnected fragments…urging sterile mechanical processes instead of the spontaneous movements of body and soul. —Anghelos Sikelianos

The Coelis Ensemble presents the spectacular “Spring Delight” Concert this Saturday, April 25 at 7:00 pm.  This concert continues to nurture a classical series at Peace and is a fundraiser for our United Nations 70th Anniversary Celebration at Grace Cathedral on June 27.  Please invite friends to join you for this marvelous evening of inspiration and grace.

“Aging Gracefully”:  Pr. Margareta will lead and facilitate a group who will reflect on the challenges and gifts of aging.  Already 7 people have signed up.  The group will meet on Tuesdays at 1 pm at Peace starting April 28 and going through May 26.  After a summer hiatus the group can resume in the Fall.   Contact the Office or Pr. Margareta if you wish to learn more.

Scared for health, afraid of death, bored, dissatisfied, vengeful, greedy, ignorant and gullible – these are the qualities of the ideal consumer.  Can we imagine an education that would turn passive consumers into active and informed critics, capable of using their minds in their own defense?  —Wendell Berry

Thanks to the half dozen folks who assisted in the landscape projects after our Earth Day Worship this past Sunday.  What a precious gift our Earth is!

Jazz Church West presents Latin Jazz with John Calloway and Clave Unplugged on Sunday, May 3 at 5:00 pm.  (The ‘Flash Mob’ Concert was an overwhelming success with more than a 130 people in attendance for the incredible evening created by Anton Schwartz!)

Art Exhibit Opening – California Golden Autumn:  The jazz evening of May 3 will also host the Opening for our own artist Thais Helena.  Anticipate beautiful art for your heart and soul.

Race to Nowhere” – Monday, May 11 at 7:00 pm.  Mark your calendars now so that you will see this important film about the educational and personal stresses our children are experiencing as they grow up in our Valley.  A panel discussion will follow.  Our Education Committee and Chris Pancoast are organizing this viewing.

A new Tai Chi Class series begins this Thursday at 7:00 pm at Peace.  Want to participate?  All you need is comfortable clothing and an open mind.

Mother’s Day – May 10 – Small and Tall Worship:  Our service on Mom’s Day will be devoted to all our children and grandchildren.   A surprise guest will delight you to no end!

Invite all the kids you wish to join you.

If ‘freedom’ means purely and simply an uncontrolled power to make money in every possible way, regardless of consequences, then freedom becomes synonymous with ruthless, mindless and absolute exploitation – an arbitrary tyranny.  Preserving our American ‘way of life’ without preserving the environment which makes life possible is the height of biblical foolishness.  An ecological consciousness recognizes we are dependent members of the biotic community.  We have obligations toward the other members of this vital community whom we are not free to destroy.  —Thomas Merton

Earthy blessings,  Pr. Steve