Pastor’s Weekly Message: 04.06.16

Grace Waves


Not to us, not to us – but to your Name be the glory!  The heavens belong to the Lord but to us God has given the earth. —Psalm 115

Care for our Common Home – “We Praise You/Laudato Si”:  Pope Francis’ Encyclical on Climate Change and Inequality.  Throughout April our Worship and Forum Series theme will focus on The Gift Entrusted to Us and our responsibility as Stewards of the Earth.  Our Family Service on April 24 will be an Earth Day Celebration with a special emphasis on Animals!

Last Sunday I introduced a new Creation Mantra which Rabbi Art Green presented at the Renewal Rabbinic Conference earlier this year.  Each day of the week you are invited to remember its origin and let the day’s creative gift inspire your awareness and gratitude for that day.  Practice this during April – share your reflections with me and friends at Peace during the month. Your thoughts/suggestions/experiences will be incorporated each week.  Here is an initial outline/catalyst you can work with.  Let it evolve freely for you!

Creation Mantra – A Love Story

Monday – ‘Let there be Light!”
“By your Light we see the light.” – psalms
Why is there something rather than nothing?

Tuesday – ‘Let there be Heavens and Earth’
(Universe Unfolding, Cosmic vastness)
The Earth – Our Only World

Wednesday – ‘Dry land and Seas’
Ocean depths; Trees, plants, vegetation.
Clean water….the magnificence of redwood trees.

Thursday – ‘Sun, Moon and Stars’
(Light to indicate festivals!)
140 billion galaxies; deep rhythms

Friday – ‘Waters/Earth Swarm with Living Creatures’
Birds on the wing; sea monsters diving
Gliding and Teeming and…

Saturday – ‘Wild Animals creeping and crawling’
Humans made in the Image of God – Female and Male
Humans made in the Imagining of God

Sabbath/Sunday – ‘God completed the Creating Process by Resting’
(Creating is not finished, life keeps emerging)
Tranquility – the Time for Rest, Gratitude, Delight and Wisdom

The whole cosmos is in communion; we are the mind of the cosmos

Enjoy the cosmic rhythm of atoms, circulation of the blood,

sap in the trees, tides of the sea, seedtime and harvest,

phases of the moon, rotation of stars and galaxies,

life and death and the liturgy.

Make a Difference Workshop – this Saturday!  Stewarding Deacons Pamela and Dennis Baum invite you to Generating Generosity/Making a Difference Workshop on Saturday, April 9 from 10:30 – 12:30 with Thrivent Representative (and Peace member) Barbara Droher Kline   How best do we align our values with our resources of time, talents and energy?  And what is possible when we as a congregation/community look at this?  Please join in as we reflect on How Best to Bless our families, congregation and larger community.  A free brunch is included!

Labyrinth Guru Lars Howlett joins us this Sunday after worship to look at new ways (Granite Tite)  to keep our Labyrinth in good shape.  I had I had a time lapse camera on our labyrinth so you could see how many community people walk our labyrinth throughout the week.  If you are curious to learn about the variety of labyrinths, their history, global significance and possibilities please join the conversation with Lars on the Labyrinth.  (Did you know….Our Peace Labyrinth was the first labyrinth in Contra Costa County!)

The Broadway Chorus presents “More of your Favorites!” on the weekend of April 15, 16 and 17.  Check out the link or speak with Martha Mantei for details.

“The Federal Correctional Institution at Dublin (FCI Dublin) will be holding Mock Job Fairs for inmates on Wednesday, April 27.  The morning mock job fair will be in the prison from 8:00 a.m. to about 11:30 a.m.  The afternoon mock job fair will be in an adjacent minimum security facility (the camp) from 11:30 a.m. to about 1:30 p.m.  You can volunteer for either one or both events.  Those volunteering for both events will have lunch at the prison after the first session and then will be escorted to the camp at about noon to join the group there for the remaining interview practice time.  Speak with Ron Elsdon for details.

Bread for the World’s 2016 Lobby Day: Survive and Thrive – June 7, Washington DC

While effecting change in Congress may seem like a fantasy, it’s very much possible — especially with an in-person visit. Studies show that in-person meetings are the most effective way to influence your lawmakers — more than emails, letters, or even phone calls. Bread for the World has advocated an end to hunger for over 40 years, often taking our message directly to congressional offices. This year, we’ll urge Congress to fund key maternal and child nutrition programs overseas and in the U.S. Will you join us?
Follow the example of Moses, Joseph, and Esther as we take a message of liberation from hunger to our political leaders. Register today to make sure your voice is heard on Capitol Hill!

Easter Blessings,

Pr. Steve