Pastor’s Weekly Message: 04.01.15

Grace Waves


Now again we see that all is unbegun.  The only danger is in not going far enough.  If we go deep enough we reach the common life, the shared experience of humanity, the world of possibility.  If we do not go deep enough, if we live only half-way, there are obscurity, vulgarity, the slang of fashion, and several kinds of death.  Muriel Rukeyser

This week we enter the depths of God’s Compassion for us through the Paschal Mystery – the suffering, dying and rising of Christ.  No words can convey, no heart can deny the longing for the grace which makes us whole.  Come Maundy Thursday, Good Friday or both and you will expand the meaning and joy of Easter.

Holy Week Schedule

  • Maundy Thursday – Service at 7:30 pm
  • Good Friday – Service at 7:30 pm (The Sanctuary will be open from Noon – 3:00 pm)
  • Easter Day – Resurrection Liturgy at 10:00 am!
  • And Egg Hunt following worship – of course!

Easter Brunch:  Please bring either an Egg Dish or Fruit or Pastries to contribute to our Brunch!

If you are willing to assist in presenting and selling: our Peace Mosaic T-shirts – beautifully done; Peace Mural Posters – “There will be no peace until there is peace among the religions”; or copies of “Jesus 1stCentury Rabbi” (we sold 3 copies at Jazz this past Sunday) – please contact me.  It’s a fine time to make quality resources available .

Our gratitude to the Narrators and Singers/Musicians (John, Elizabeth and Jack; Abigail and Elizabeth; Dwane and Gary) for their contributions to our Palm Sunday Service.  Our thankful appreciation to Margit and Family for a lovely Hospitality Hour in Honor of Lars.

Pr. Margareta shared comments about Lars this past Sunday before leading a traditional Swedish Children’s Prayer from 1782.  When all of the Swedes who were present began to quietly pray this prayer with her – didn’t it seem as though all of us were surrounded by our grandmother’s prayers for us!

April Concerts at Peace

The Jazz Church West presents “Flash Mob” by Anton Schwartz on Sunday, April 12 at 5:00 pm.

(This is one of Downbeat Magazine’s Top 10 CDs for 2014 and a Special Gift for our 10th Anniversary Season.  Please invite friends to join you for this remarkable occasion!)

“Spring Delight” with the Coelis Ensemble on Saturday, April 25 at 7:00 pm.  A lovely, classical welcoming of the abundance of springtime life.  What gifts are in store for us!

(This will be a fundraiser in support of our UN 70th Anniversary Concert on June 27 at Grace Cathedral.)

You are invited to Tea at The English Rose in downtown Pleasanton on Saturday, April 25 at 11 am.  Join friends from Peace for this occasion.  Flyers are in the Gathering Hall.

Story from a friend:  Two dear friends passed away recently.  I am taking care of one of our departed friend’s cat, Nigel at Nigel’s home. I promised I would find Nigel a good home.

When my friend passed away Nigel let out three loud anguished cries while looking out the window towards the sky. He then took a nap for a couple of hours, got up and announced he was hungry…and he ate well.  He understands Easter.

Holy Week Blessings,  Pr. Steve