Pastor’s Weekly Message: 03.14.14

Grace Waves


Whatever makes us think that our enemies will do us more harm than our enmity? —St. Augustine

How wonderful to celebrate Lent and the initiation of Spring with our Hospitality Hour on the Labyrinth last Sunday.  Surrounded by the blossoms and the ever unfolding beauty of the Peace Mosaic it was delightful to enjoy the encouragement that we too can be made new.  Now that our congregation has agreed unanimously to give up Habitual Negative Thinking for Lent – what a blessed and transformative season this will be!

And the little children shall lead them…

I am grateful for all the children in our Early Communion Class who learned how Communion strengthens us, enacted scripture stories, heard birth and faith stories from their parents, asked their own faith questions and played in the grace of God.  Teaching this class is one of the finest privileges of being a pastor.

Seminarian Brock Klobe and 5 members of Peace initiated the Monday Evening Liturgy at the Federal Corrections Prison in Dublin this past Monday.  New friendships were begun through prayer and conversation.

Please keep in your prayers: Gloria Aver recovering from surgery, Lisa, Joan Squire, Lars, Fred, Ralph, the people and children of Syria, Ukraine, the Congo, Yemen, Thailand and the victims of Fukushima.

Our Lenten Forum Series is focused on the Lord’s Prayer.  Come learn about the heart of Jesus’ teaching and practice.

The Theme for our Lenten Soup and Sacrament is The Mystery and Music of the Pascal Season.  We begin our meal and reflection at 6:30; share a simple Eucharist and then the Easter Choir rehearses until 8:30.  Join us on Wednesday’s and enrich your Lenten Journey.

The Spirit says,

“I come with the dawn

To chain you and drag you off.”

It’s amazing, and funny, that you have to be pulled away

from being tormented, pulled out

into this Spring garden—the awakening of Lent,

but that’s the way it is.


Almost everyone must be bound and dragged here—like Jonah.

Only a few come on their own. —Rumi

Lenten Blessings,  Pr. Steve