Pastor’s Weekly Message: 03.11.17

Grace Waves


Next to the Blessed Sacrament itself, your neighbor is the holiest being presented to our senses.  Your neighbor is indeed holy in the most holy way since within him and her Christ truly lives.  —CS Lewis

Time Change this Saturday night—Spring Ahead!
The Tent of Revealings which rests over our altar is a Lenten Gift to Peace.  It is a reminder of the Tent in which Moses met God during the Israelites 40 years in the desert.  Come any time and day that is good for you to sit beneath the Tent to pray, meditate and nurture the ground of our faith.  (Our thanks to Ed and Gary for assembling it.)
SAP Rising:  In these recent weeks the sap has begun to move and rise in the trees.  I have decided to initiate a SAP (Serenity at Peace) Rising Lenten season at Peace.  So many demands on our lives, why not make Sunday worship and Holy Week (April 9 – 16) your first priority during Lent?  As Jesus says, “Don’t worry, everything else will fall into place.”   Enough of consumer addiction, anxiety and despair.  Choose to Cultivate Serenity:  calm, clarity, focus, wisdom.  No artificial techniques for superficial happiness but the deep down grounding which our ancestors have practiced for more than 2,000 years.  Decide to immerse yourself in Grace, Wisdom and the Sacraments which have already engaged the darkness of crucifixion and now illuminate resurrected living.  “Who you are is God’s gift to you; who you become is your gift to God.”  This is our life and it is not a rehearsal.  In times like these we need each other – friends we can count on, who are present to us, who will pray for us no matter what.  Become SAP Rising – “no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind can imagine – all that God has in store for those who love God and life!”
Lenten Wednesday Evenings – Taize Prayer at San Damiano, 7 – 8 pm:  Get in the rhythm – join in these beautiful, contemplative prayer services on all the Wednesday evenings of March and April 5.  Gary, Elizabeth, John, Jeanie and Drew are the music leaders for these prayer/chant/scripture/stillness services in the chapel of our lovely Franciscan Retreat Center.
Holy Week:
April 9 – Palm Sunday
April 13 – Passover Seder
April 14 – Good Friday
April 15 – Easter Vigil
April 16 – Easter Day.
Keep in your prayers:  Nik, Betty – Margaret Beeler’s mother, Renee’s mom, Rick – Linda’s brother, Brian Turner, Brian McGee, Nette, Margaret Bender, Teresa,  Nancy, Marlene and Fred Garrity, Gun, Bill Lesher, Ruth, for our kids and grandchildren who are struggling,  Ed Klitsch, Ed Rether’s father, Sue Shuffield, Marshall, Bob W., Rob, David M., Ralph, Cliff Brown, Jim Foot, Liz, for our Confirmands, those mourning the death of loved ones:  George Perko, Maili and Kersti, Ann, Alan and Monica, Pari;  for all Caregivers, for our Creation, indigenous peoples, LGBTQ young people who are harassed, for those who have inspired us with vision and unconditional love.
International Women’s Day:  Globally, an estimated 1 in 3 women will experience physical, sexual and psychological abuse in their lifetime. At its core, this global epidemic is fueled by traditions, beliefs, and practices that view women less-than-equal to men. On a larger scale, these acts have led to creation of systems that infringe on the rights of women. Women and girls in developing countries experience particularly high rates of gender-based violence. Some of this violence is perpetuated in the form of battery, honor killings, rape, trafficking, and female genital cutting. Urge your Senators to support the International Violence Against Women Act (I-VAWA)  I-VAWA seeks to increase legal protections, victims’ access to healthcare, and develop economic and educational opportunities for women and girls globally.

Earth Songs:  The SF Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band performs a Musical and Cinematic tribute to the Photography of Ansel Adams at Peace on Sunday, March 26 at 4 pm.  This splendid gift is coming to us through the efforts and love of Gary Sponholtz.  The 70 member Band will dazzle you!   Please encourage lots of your friends to join you in this joyful event.  If you want to assist Gary in coordinating the day, please speak with him.

Bishop’s Chrism Mass:  Bishop Mark Holmrud celebrated this mass with local clergy on Thursday of this week.  It is a time for renewal of ordination vows and preparation for Holy Week.  The bishop extends his gratitude to all of you for the hospitality provided and for the “expansive ministries” of Peace.  He with everyone gathered for worship was deeply moved by the music of Elizabeth Hunter Ashley and Gary Sponholtz (he asked them to ‘go on the road’ with him), he (and many others) was appreciative of the immersion in art he experienced at Peace, he walked the grounds and found them beautiful and peaceful; he expressed gratitude for the justice and cultural ministries of Peace.  Finally he also made a mean batch of chili – which he learned from his mother, for the evening meal .

Enjoy the New Art Exhibit by Todd Brooks this Sunday. Thanks to Bill Carmel for curating the show.

Additional Prayer for Immigrants arrested by ICE who are incarcerated in private prisons where they are forced to work 40 per week for $1/day.  They are placed in solitary confinement if they don’t participate.  Lord, have mercy….how we abuse the most vulnerable.

Prayer is like the slow drizzle of winter rains….seemingly monotonous….yes…and where do we think the blossoms come from?

Lenten Blessings,

Pr. Steve