Pastor’s Weekly Message: 03.10.16

Grace Waves


Take no thought for the morrow…. Jesus


The future is an irresistible subject.  How can so many people of certified intelligence have written so many pages on a subject about which nobody knows anything?  Perhaps we need a book on – the end of the future.  I have noticed that most of the bad possibilities I have worried about have never happened.  And so I have taken care to worry about all the bad possibilities I could think of – in order to keep them from happening.  You may call this superstition, but if I did not forestall all those calamities, who did? —Wendell Berry

What blessings we get to experience in our Family Services:  the joyful baptism of Ariel Rose, the blessing of our Early Communion Class, the Garzon family prayer and Sunday School stories!

The Peace Men’s Group got off to a good start with 10 men participating.  We have decided to meet twice a month and will meet next on Saturday, March 19 from 8:30 – 10:00 am at Peace.  Thankfully Ed Sanders will prepare breakfast!   Join in the conversation and mutual support.

Our Early Communion Class has been initiated.  How lovely to see our children learning with such enthusiasm.

AED / Defif Training at Peace on Wednesday, March 16 at 7:00 pm.  Margaret Beeler, Diane Kurtz, Mike Nichols and Pat Leong invite you to this Life Saving /Heart Saving Training.  If you have questions please speak with them.

 I trust The Sabbath and your Book of Blessings are graciously deepening your Lenten journey.

Keep in your prayers:  Joan Eychner and her family on the death of Tom;  Fred, Ralph, Bob, and all caregivers; loved ones who are struggling, those seeking spiritual peace.

Fables and Fantasy – March 20, 4:00 pm at Peace:  The San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Band performs this exciting concert at Peace on March 20.  All of this is due to our own Gary Sponholtz!  Please invite friends to join you for this great occasion.  Fliers available for you on Sunday; forward the electronic flier you have already received.

Holy Week Schedule:

  • Palm/Passion Sunday – March 20 at 10 am
  • Maundy Thursday – March 24 at 7:00 pm
  • Good Friday – March 25 at 7:30 pm
  • Easter Sunday – March 27 at 10 am with Brunch and Egg Hunt to follow!

International Women’s Day:  Globally, an estimated one-in-three women will experience physical, sexual and psychological abuse in their lifetime. At its core, this global epidemic is fueled by traditions, beliefs, and practices that view women as less-than-equal to men. On a larger scale, these acts have led to the creation of systems that infringe on the rights of women. Women and girls in developing countries experience particularly high rates of gender-based violence. Some of this violence is perpetuated in the form of battery, honor killings, rape, trafficking, and female genital cutting.  We request and urge you to contact your member of Congress to support the International Violence Against Women Act (IVAWA); legislation that will help prevent violence against women and girls overseas.  ELCA Advocacy

Time Change this Sunday – Spring Ahead!

Lenten blessings,

Pr. Steve