Pastor’s Weekly Message: 02.25.16

Grace Waves


All I have is a Voice to undo the folded Lie….

We must love one another or die.

Defenseless under the night our world in stupor lies;

Yet, dotted everywhere, ironic points of light
Flash Out wherever

The Just exchange their messages of hope:

May I, composed like them of eros and dust,

beleaguered by the same negation and despair,

Show an Affirming Flame!  —W.H. Auden

Our Peace Men’s Breakfast is happening on Saturday, March 5 from 9 – 10:45 am.  All the guys are welcomed to join in.

The next Family Service is on Sunday, March 6.  We get to celebrate Ariel Rose’s baptism and more!

Laurel Galan, Nicaragua Update:

Dear Friends at Peace:  Yesterday we have a great visit with the group from Laurel Galan. Still there is water in the wells but they had no harvest so that is one difficulty they are facing right now. In general the women are in good health and excited for the beginning of the new school year. We delivered the letters and Emelina and Micaela wrote to you. Please forgive me for any mistakes in this letter. I am really bad at writing in English.

Hugs, Memo (on behalf of Between Cultures)

Please keep in your prayers:  Ed, Tom, Fred, Liz, Lois’ brothers, Ruth, Paul, all caregivers, those who have lost loved ones, political prisoners, refugees; poets, prophets and peacemakers who expose lies in order for there to be healing.

“Fables and Fantasy” a Community Concert by the San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Band will be performed at Peace on Sunday, March 20 at 4:00 pm.  This is an exciting concert for which we thank Gary for making all the arrangements.  Invite your family and friends to a joyous and energizing performance!

Jazz Church West – a Note from Bass Player John Donnelly:  “What a pleasure to perform in your sanctuary on February 14.  As for how I feel, I can quote my mentor Red Mitchell in one of his songs, ‘…This is heaven, heaven’s here; in this world and in this year… ‘  You have a lovely congregation.  I enjoyed speaking to a number of those that attended — all very informed and supportive of jazz and the arts.  It was also personally very special to find the presence of the spirit of John Garcia Gensel (founder of Jazz Vespers in NY) as well!  Steve, thank you for the hospitality of you and your congregation.

Lenten Blessings,  Pr. Steve