Pastor’s Weekly Message: 02.11.16

Grace Waves


The Sabbath:  “If you refrain from breaking the Sabbath, from taking your own pleasure on my holy day, if you call the Sabbath ‘Delightful’ and the day sacred to God ‘Honorable’, if you rest where you are, and abstain from seeking only pleasure and too much talk, then you will find true happiness in G!d.”  (Isaiah 58)

Family Service/Valentine’s Sunday:  Come and join in the love of life, our children and God this Sunday.  Our worship will be filled with nothing but blessings for all present.  How we love our children at Peace!  What a gift that we get to nurture them in spiritual wisdom and joy as they nourish us with love and laughter.  Anticipate a lovely Valentine’s Celebration.

We begin our Lenten Forum Series on ‘The Sabbath’ this Sunday.  This ancient 3,000 year old practice has everything to offer you.  As Rabbi Dan and I said last Fall, “This is the most revolutionary practice we can teach you.”  The Sabbath simply wants to offer you the essential nutrients of rest, wisdom  and delight.  And these gifts are offered to people who often feel they don’t have time to accept these gifts or decide they will postpone this practice until retirement.

This is the only commandment that begins ‘Remember’.   Remember the Sabbath means “remember that everything you have received is a blessing.  Remember to delight in your life, in the fruits of your labor.  Remember to stop and offer thanks for the wonder of it.”   Remember – as if we could ever forget….indeed, the assumption is that we will forget.  History and our technological world clearly demonstrate we do forget…..and then wonder why life can be so unfulfilling.

The book is filled with wonderful stories and many practical exercises which we will experiment with.  Breathe – you can do this and enjoy Sabbath moments!  (You won’t have to set a whole day aside!)  My prayer is that you choose to participate to receive the insights and blessings of mindfulness and caring that can arise only in stillness and time.  For your sake, for the sake of our children and for the sake of our world.  We meet in the Youth Room at 11:30 am.  Copies of ‘The Sabbath’ are available for $15.

Congregational Meeting Highlights:  Six new members of the Council were elected and our 2016 Budget was passed.  If you did not yet receive a copy of our 2015 Annual Report, my Pastor’s Report or our Budget, you may pick up a copy this Sunday.

Men’s Group at Peace:  Mark Miller has suggested that we get a Men’s Group going.  To that end – how about if all the guys at Peace get together for Breakfast at Peace on Saturday, March 5 from 9 – 10:45 am?   Good food will be coming and we will decide how best we can be supportive of each other.  No pressure, no agendas – just the time to get connected in ways that matter to us.  Questions – suggestions?  Let me know.

Peace Survey:  This will be our final Sunday for you to complete our congregational survey.  Over 30 people have participated.  Your input is valuable.  If you would like to take it online please do so at:

Thanks to our Council Members who shared their perspectives on their ministries during our Hospitality Hour last Sunday.  These Council Conversations will continue throughout Lent.

The Jazz Church West hosts the Leon Joyce Quartet this Sunday at 5:00 pm.  Super fine time coming our way!  Due to renovation work, the San Ramon Library Jazz Series (normally a Fall Event) will be hosted by Peace on the 3rd Saturdays of February, March, April and May.  The cost is $25/performance or $80 for the series.  Come check it out on February 21 at 8 pm.

It has been said that:  Israel did not keep the Sabbath, but the Sabbath kept Israel.

Lenten blessings,  Pr. Steve