Pastor’s Weekly Message: 02.04.16

Grace Waves


The human voice can never reach the distance that is covered by the still small voice of God. —Gandhi

Council Conversations:  This Sunday following our Annual Meeting and during Hospitality please give yourself the opportunity to talk with our Council Deacons and Officers about their ministries within our congregation.  A fine time to learn about Worship, Education, Stewarding, Justice Advocacy, Connection, Youth and Family and Property.  If you wish to get involved it is a fine time to connect.

Peace Survey:  If you have not completed our Survey yet you can take it online:  Or you can complete it this Sunday at church.

Family Service – Valentine’s Day/February 14 at 10 am.  We love kids at Peace!  They are joyful embodiments of God’s presence and they convey the Mystery of God’s Love with such happy delight.  Therefore everything that contributes to the little (or younger) ones feeling at home at church is welcomed.  They are free to wander about during worship, even crawl under the altar as they discover their church family and explore our sanctuary built and dedicated to love!  To play and pray are very special gifts!

Quilt Exhibit:  More than half a dozen groups have already visited Margaret Bender’s Exhibit during the weeks it has been on display.  All of the guests have marveled at her talent!  Our thanks to Bill for curating this exhibit which continues to open our eyes to the beauty that surrounds us.

We had a wonderful Recognition Ceremony this past Sunday with all the participants in last June Celebration of the United Nations’ 70th Anniversary.  We are blessed by the talents of so many young performers!  Our thanks to the Sycamore Chamber Orchestra, Pacific Choir and Coelis Vocal Ensemble for encouraging the Spirit of Peace in our world.

Cupid’s Touch at Tyme for Tea (Fremont):  Saturday, February 13 at 2:30.  Contact Pat Leong if wish to join this party of 8 for Tea!

Members of Peace who have Life Insurance Policies or Financial Investments through Thrivent Financial get to direct their Fraternal Dollars to non-profit organizations.  Last year  Thrivent Choice® Peace participants chose Peace!  Based on their recommendations, Peace Lutheran Church received $1,233 in 2015. Thrivent members positively impact their communities.

Ash Wednesday – February 10.  Our Lenten Season begins next week with Ash Wednesday worship at 7:30 pm.

Blessings,  Pr. Steve