Pastor’s Blog/Grace Waves 10.30.19


“Things at the surface move fast, needing to be gathered/cornered/trapped/possessed,
while things at the Center move slowly…..needing to be perceived.
We can frame our love, thoughts, faith in pretty cages or
follow them into the wild meadow
till they stun us with the spread of their magnificent wings.”
Mark Nepo

FALL BACK!  Set your clocks as you fall into slumber Sat Nov 2.

¨ SUN  Nov 3:  All Saints Sunday! It is All Saints Sunday this weekend when we remember our loved ones who have passed during this past year. If you think I may not have your Loved Ones names recorded, please send them to me by Friday.

¨ Our Gratitude and thanks to Paul Schmidt for joining us once again in worship and sharing his blessed musical gifts!

¨ Peace Sunday School is collecting these supplies in the Gathering Hall for the Humane Society and SPCA this fall:  one and two gallon zip bags, recyclable plastic or paper handled bags, unused dog or cat toys, pet-friendly soaps, high quality dog and cat food, leashes, collars and harnesses.  Thank you for supporting our pets in need!

¨ Jazz Church West: Sun Nov 3 ~ 5:00p with the Jeff Denson Three! Free (taking freewill donations) with reception following.

Please keep in your prayers: Denise, Janet, Betty, Margaret, Bob, Ed, for those who are depressed, lonely, living with addiction, longing for peace, those in the fires and those who have survived the fires.

Blessings, Pr. Steve